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Yay Groovy Prints

The story of Yay Groovy Prints is truly inspirational. It is about a young woman entrepreneur, Jahanvi Kagathara, who made a bold decision at the age of just 19, to plunge head-on into the very nascent printables business in India, after her father’s untimely death.

Her father owned a well-established printing press which was running for the past 20 years. Due to the Covid pandemic the whole business saw an exodus of clients and a slump in growth. However in December 2020, the unfortunate passing away of her father compelled her to make a choice.

Says Jahanvi “I had two options, either to rent out the press or try to learn how to make it work. I gave it two whole months to learn about the business and learn how the finances worked. By February 2021 I made up my mind to run the business.”

While studying at university in Canada, Jahanvi saw printables being sold at a fair and they were really expensive. She decided to make printables the mainline business for two reasons. One that online business was picking up and two there was hardly any competition in India. Soon the “click – select – print – deliver” business model was up and running.

The real “end – to – end” printables source – One stop – One Click

Yay Groovy Prints is the manufacturer as well as the marketer of its entire printables range. The core business is of course “web to print products”. Customers can go the website https://www.yaygroovyprintss.com/ and then select and order printables at their own convenience.

Quality at a very attractive cost is what has made it so popular, so soon. The range of products offered is really extensive too. Photo Frames, Acrylic Message Cards, Wooden Frames, 3D Illusion Frames, Led Frames, Customised Books, Keychains, Hampers, Wallet Cards, Branding Stickers, T Shirts, Calendars, Coffee Mugs and more. There is something for every occasion and for everyone!

From a small start of catering to just a handful of clients, it has fulfilled more than 300 orders till date. Yay Groovy Prints has built a steady relationship with 15-20 fixed clients give repeat business. The people who know about the set up being an “end to end printables specialist” also place orders in bulk.  At time a few retailers too put these printables range up for sale in their shops.

A large pool of opportunities lies ahead…

With the business being run completely online it offers a growing class of customers’ faster access to the entire product range. With business and social media trends pointing to a more “personalized” or “customized” preferences in gifting, branding, or wearing options,Yay Groovy Prints sees great potential in expanding its customer base beyond India.

Says a very confident Jahanavi, “In the next five years, apart from building up our paper printables portfolio we are planning to invest in machinery to offer printing on just about any surface. A larger team, expanding our business in different areas and making our startup up global is the next big step for us.”

To know more, visit –
Website – https://www.yaygroovyprintss.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/groovyprintss/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groovyprintss

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