OneHash: A cloud based smart and versatile CRM Solution that will level the playing field for SMBs.


Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) often lose out on deriving advantages of SaaS solutions, because of the price tag and also because at times these solutions are designed with a certain organization size and price ticket in mind.

ENTER OneHash: World’s 1st FaaS (FOSS as a Service) CRM

OneHash is a cloud-based CRM solutions suite with ambitious plans to serve 95% of the SMBs across the globe with a smart, affordable and secure CRM solution that will ensure sustainable growth.

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Founded in January 2020 by Mr. Anand Singh Balyan and Mr. Rohit Gadia the driving thought was to partner Startups and bring those Applications & Tools to SMBs, which are otherwise only accessible for large enterprises. OneHash sought to make the transition to platforms like CRM or other SaaS software more affordable and easier and the concept of FaaS was created.

“Every industry, no matter how big or small, should get a global platform to compete with its peers from across the globe, and OneHash makes sure that lack of affordability never becomes a reason for any company to go global,” believes Anand and this is reflected in OneHash.  

Matching Price and Performance Expectations of SMBs

Lead Owner Efficiency

OneHash is a solutions suite created after hours of intensive research and market analysis, which revealed the struggles that SMBs faced while managing their growth. The lack of appropriate infrastructure, haphazardly unorganized data, little operational monitoring, and a lack of a strong framework was all impediments that had to be overcome.

OneHash is a really smart amalgamation of FOSS and SaaS, engineered to facilitate the smooth transition to a powerful CRM platform.

The highlight being – offer the benefits of capital intensive SaaS solutions at the affordability of FOSS with CRM, ERP, HR, Project Management, and other SaaS solutions.

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It is an enterprise solution suite that completely revolves around addressing the unique business challenges of SMBs and brings to the business a tried and tested, highly robust, agile, scalable and fully-featured SaaS CRM solution. In a way it seeks to democratise the SaaS world.

It finds great application in managing businesses in sectors like Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, Manufacturing and more.

Global ambitions backed by cutting edge solutions…

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CRM has emerged as a crucial tool for and it can really make a big difference in terms of business efficiencies and scalability.

OneHash CRM with a clientele of more than 1800+ sign – ups in a year, 200 + recurring subscribers and footprints in all the 7 continents of the world, is staying true to its mission of lending a helping hand to growing SMBs with a platform that would be like an angel in disguise for them.

“In the next 5 years we see OneHash as a SMB empowering customer relationship management tool with customers in all the 7 continents of the world. The only strategy in our mind right now is to hustle hard, find ways to overcome the challenges that come our way and not give up,” adds Rohit.

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