Shrinkhla – Welcome to the world of finely handcrafted, block printed wonder for all fashion lovers out there!

“If you know where you are from, it will be harder for people to stop you where you are going.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo

Our roots are an intrinsic part of our identity. Besides being a reflection of our glorious past, they serve as a guiding light for a meaningful life ahead. When we love, embrace and celebrate our cultural heritage, it shows. It shows in the way we conduct ourselves and the way we define our personal style. In fact, our fashion choices largely determine how proud we are of our roots and how confident we feel about sharing that legacy with the world.

Here’s a clothing brand that’s keeping alive India’s rich legacy of beautiful handloom textiles. Launched on 20th March 2020 by Swati, Shrinkhla aims to preserve, protect and popularize the stunning craftsmanship of Indian handloom among fashion lovers across the globe. The brand ensures Indian weaves and their trademark designs are beautifully integrated into its clothes at a reasonable price range. Although there’s a deluge of fashionable outfits available on e-commerce platforms, you wouldn’t quite easily find an exquisite hand block printed attire in any of these places. That’s where Shrinkhla comes in.

How she inched towards her dream

Swati was just 22 years old when she decided to launch her own clothing brand. She used to work after college hours. The savings from that salary coupled with her father’s 40k got her started towards her entrepreneurial journey. Help poured in from friends and well-wishers – be it for model shoot, fabric purchase or workshop setup.

But what made her so sure about becoming an entrepreneur at such a young age? Swati says “I always wanted to start something of my own, while staying true to my roots. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been deeply passionate about Indian art and handicrafts.” So profound was her love for handmade weaves that she decided to start a venture that would reconnect regular buyers with India’s treasure trove of handmade block prints.

Swati adds “Nowadays, digital prints are everywhere to be seen. People don’t really understand the difference between digital print and hand block print and that upsets me.” One of the biggest motivations behind establishing Shrinkhla was to create awareness about the timeless appeal of handblock print that cannot be replicated by any machine with such precision and skill.

Shrinkhla : Little imperfections wrapped in love

Shrinkhla recognizes the enduring charm of handmade clothes and the level of effort and skill required to create such works of art. In an attempt to understand the nuances of handloom, Swati spent long hours with the craftsmen, learnt the skill and set up her own workshop.

The brand offers block printed suit sets, kurtas, palazzos, kaftans, dupattas and many more uniquely crafted outfits that are steeped in tradition yet contemporary in essence. Made of 100% premium organic cotton, the clothes are all created by hand with absolutely no assistance from machines except during the sealing process. Swati explains “At Shrinkhla, everything is done by hand. Once block printing is done on the fabric, we send it to our workshop in Delhi for stitching.”

Try out Shrinkhla’s soft cotton kaftans for exceptional comfort and classy look. Whether it’s a beach vacation or an outing at an historical place or a regular day at the office, these delightful kaftans are suitable for all occasions. Also, watch out for Neela phool loungewear sets that add versatility to your wardrobe.

Don’t miss the gorgeous wedding suits adorned with handblock printed, cotton flared palazzo and georgette dupatta with lace detailing that renders an exquisite look.

At Shrinkhla, most of the outfits come with beautiful, delicate neck detailing and some with frills on the sleeves or box pleated ghera, thus combining comfort with grace.

What’s more on the anvil?

You can place your order online through Shrinkhla’s Instagram page. With around 10k customers, Shrinkhla is fast becoming everyone’s favorite. Moreover, the future looks promising owing to the startup’s unyielding focus on product quality and customer service. When asked about future plans, Swati says “I want Shrinkhla to be a one-stop solution for everything connected to your roots be it lifestyle, apparels, accessories and so on.”


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