THE ICE CREAM BAKERY – This Mumbai-based brand takes great pride in making ice cream that “loves you back.”

    Ice cream is the real mood food. Happy? Eat a scoop. Sad? Eat a tub. There are multiple ice cream brands in India but very few that are actually focusing on what’s good for our palette and body.

    Let us introduce you to an artisanal home-grown ice cream brand that is not laden with preservatives and allows you a taste of the actual fruit – THE ICE CREAM BAKERY – also called TiB.

    The founder Prashant Kumbhar is a massive ice cream fan. But there was one question that always puzzled him. Why does strawberry ice cream not taste like the real fruit? Why does everyone insist on freshness in other products, but still eat frozen, preservative infused ice creams?

    The answer was of course the cost implications, as well as raw material availability. But here the entrepreneur in Prashant was excited. Having worked in market research and in the F&B industry, he saw a gap in the ice cream market, where a brand that offered ice creams made on the spot with seasonal fruits and all natural ingredients, could be a game changer. With that was born TiB.

    See your ice creams made live with the freshest of natural ingredients, using zero essence n preservatives…

    Having set up THE ICE CREAM BAKERY, its founder Prashant wanted it to be an “experiment and experience space” for ice cream lovers. Every outlet of TiB serves ice creams made live to order. You order a mango or a strawberry or even something like tender coconut ice cream and you will see your ice cream made with fresh fruits. Scoop out a spoon or lick a cone and the freshness, the taste and texture,will simply have you go mmmmm !! FRESH NOT FROZEN is what TiB stands for. Perhaps the only brand in India to do so.

    The brand today offers 28 flavors of ice cream and has more than 50 products on the menu Fruit ice creams, dry fruit ice creams, chocolate ice creams, milkshakes, sundaes, hot chocolates, ice cream cakes, theme cakes, brownies and a whole lot more of creamy indulgences!

    The Future Looks Sweet

    The guiding blue print of growth for TiB, is to capture the taste buds of customers, by serving delicious helpings of the freshest ice creams and ice cream cakes. Using this as a platform, has seen it already establish a foothold in key “khau gallis” or as we say food pockets across the suburbs of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. The brand has also set up successful franchises in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

    “With “freshness” as our best product differentiator, we ultimately don’t aim to compete with the frozen desserts category. Instead, we intend to penetrate markets with the unique concept of eating fresh ice cream with superior quality and fresh ingredients”, says Prashant.

    TiB has ambitious plans to to become the No. 1 premium Ice Cream parlor brand in India by expanding across the country through franchising and is also aiming to reach out and influence global tastes.

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