Warbler – An enterprise totally dipped in curating and marketing the very best of tea blends from the mystical land of Assam…


On the rolling plains by the Brahmaputra River in Assam are acres of tea estates, flush with tea leaves offering a truly rich taste, thanks to the rich soil, conducive climate and plenty of rainfall. 

However, when Aparajit Bhuyan the founder of Warbler, who has a tea blending enterprise of his own realized that Indian Tea Lovers were not getting the best, he decided to change things. In the tea business, tea planters prioritize exporting to Europe and US market rather than selling here in India.

I travelled across the country and I saw that inferior quality tea was offered in India. This pushed me to start a high quality, professional tea blending business in consultation with tea experts, to provide good quality tea to India,” shares Aparajit.

WARBLER was thus with in-depth research and professionals backing it. Today it is a growing enterprise that is recognized for offering its customers authentic, high quality blends.

Crafting Tea Blends is a passion at Warbler… every leaf knows that


Warbler takes immense pride in its selection of the finest tea leaves from the best tea gardens of Assam. Our tea masters meticulously check, process and package every single leaf with high precision. The crush, tear and curl processes are also managed with special care to ensure consistency in flavor, aroma, colour and quality on a large scale. The blends are completely free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

“Making a profit is not what drives business at Warbler. What we want is to just simply ensure that the best quality of tea is available to all,” avers Aparajit.


Today customers can choose from the WARBLER portfolio which offers

  • Green Tea – For refreshing taste buds, rejuvenating and helping de-stress. Available in eco-friendly tea bags. Its aroma, taste & actual organic green tea flavor appeals to every Green Tea Lover.
  • Warbler’s Premium Blended CTC Tea – A premium range blended by renowned tea masters to retain flavour, freshness and taste. Blended from golden tipped tea leaves selected from rare First Flush of tea plantations. CTC tea with its refreshing taste energizes from within. Just add half spoon of Warbler’s Premium blended CTC tea to milk to create a strong full bodied cup of tea. 

Creating an authentic blend of exciting growth…


Available online and also with an offline distribution model already active in Delhi, Jammu, Chennai, Bangalore there is a steady stream of 200-300 monthly orders being fulfilled as of now.

Aparajit says “We want to continue to offer the 3 most important factors of tea to our consumers high quality taste, color and authentic flavour.  We do not add any flavours to our tea blend so our teas are truly authentic in every sense.”

With plans to enter high potential Asian markets like Malaysia and Thailand in the near future, Warbler is looking at enhancing its supply chain and also increasing its product range. The prospects for growth look steaming hot and refreshing.

Instagram link :- https://www.instagram.com/warbler.co/

Website link :- http://www.warbler.co/

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