Clayworks Studio- Moulding & Shaping Imaginations into Beautiful Creations

The Pottery Business in India

“Good pots require the ardour of vocation and the devotion of lifetime.”- Bernard Leach

Pottery is one of the most ancient handicrafts of India whose roots can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization era. Pottery in India has evolved over the years into magnificent ceramic art and India exports pottery to about 150 countries. Many entrepreneurs are exploring their creative side by taking this business and the emergence of studio pottery has played a big role in boosting India’s pottery business.

Studio potters unlike production potters create forms for their uniqueness & beauty which may be “one-off” pieces. Talking about Studio Pottery, let us talk about a budding & evolving brand in this space called Clayworks.

Delving into the Brand’s Identity & Distinctiveness

Clayworks Studio

Clayworks Studio, started on 12th August 2021 by Anureet Deo & Chetna Mehta is a home lifestyle brand that makes Ceramic products in their own ceramic studio. They showcase elegant and unique handmade clay products –Vases & Vessels, Tableware & Gifting Hampers. Their Donut Vase based on the Danish culture of “hygge”, Ceramic vessels flaunting the beautiful thrown lines in powdery white, Christmas curated products like candle stands, Christmas tree ornaments, coasters are all created in stoneware clay.

Their “Snow White” gift hampers, specially designed for the Christmas collection are one of their latest launches. They believe in minimalism and all their products are handcrafted without any machinery use.

The Ideation & Driving Factors Behind Launching The Business

Clayworks Studio

During the lockdown phase, both Anureet & Chetna chased their hobbies of learning pottery. They wanted to start a business but had no idea especially when the pottery business was not doing that well in Covid times. So, they thought of starting some claywork in a small space which became their pottery studio. Gradually people came across for workshops and created small items that they could sell. This is how their journey started at Clayworks Studio.

The First Set of Milestone Achieved and Going ahead with an Affirmative spirit:

Clayworks Studio

In a span of just 4 months, the company has served more than 20 orders and hampers and conducted 25-30 workshops. In a short time, they are learning and exploring the sector. They are getting good response in workshops too and are optimistic to see good growth in this sector. They are serving Pan India and even during Diwali had sent out many hamper orders to their customers.

Company’s Future plans & Projections in next 5 Years

Clayworks Studio aims to create their own unique brand identity wherein they can sell handcrafted lifestyle products. They want to be the sole trader of their products rather than selling out through the wholesale channel of distribution chain that usually is adopted by the ceramic industry.

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