Vit n Rich: A brand that offers a rich palette of healthier and tastier chocolate delights to satiate the chocolate-lover in you.

“Chocolate is comfort without words.” ~ Ursula Kohaupt

It’s hard to imagine life without chocolates. Made from cocoa beans, these sweet, gooey and delightful delicacies are considered to be instant energy boosters and mood uplifters. The ‘feel-good’ factor associated with chocolates makes them truly special and utterly irresistible.

Although these rich-in-oxidant treats are much loved across all age groups, many people avoid them owing to their high calorie content and ample sugar intake. Launched on 15th September 2020 by Mr. Lalu Joshi, Vit n Rich Almond Bars is an emerging startup that aims to make chocolates a healthier food option by introducing a sugar-free version that is infused with the goodness of almonds. “Making India one of the healthiest places to live in” is the mission of brand Vit n Rich.

Everything begins with an idea

Vit n Rich

The founder, Mr.Lalu Joshi had already established a pharma company that was working in collaboration with other such companies to fulfill his endeavor of making India a health-conscious yet a food-loving nation. However, soon he was consumed by an ambitious idea of “creating something which is liked by everyone but it is equally healthy, that everyone can consume”. This path-breaking thought led to the creation of Vit n Rich that offers a wide range of chocolates laced with rich nutrients that provide added benefits for our body.

Enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolate without an ounce of guilt

Vit n Rich

Vit n Rich is all about creating healthy and wholesome chocolates so that everyone can enjoy the delicious taste without feeling threatened by health repercussions. The brand has introduced a sugar free version laced with almonds for amazing health benefits. The products are inundated with multivitamins, milk calcium and 5 types of probiotics which act as added immunity boosters. Vit n Rich manufactures different varieties of chocolates including the pure dark ones and nutties with almonds in it. Our Pure Dark Chocolate is fast becoming everyone’s favorite. We also have range of gift packs for various occasions which are guiltfree and can be consumed from 6 to 80 years.

The startup is based in Mumbai and now has expanded its sales to all the major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Gujarat, Goa, Punjab, Mumbai and Pune.  The services are available both online as well as offline. It’s heartening to see customers understand the difference between the quality standards of this brand and those of its contemporaries. We were first mover in healthy chocolate category in India with immunity booster. People realized how uncompromising its quality standards are along with the health benefits they were more than happy to invest in healthier alternatives and have good amount of repeat orders flowing in through all channels.

Plans for a chocolatey future

Vit n Rich

The brand has come a long way from its initial days of struggle. Thanks to its superior quality and exemplary service, Vit n Rich is soaring high in popularity across the country. Mr. Lalu Joshi further discusses his startup’s future plans “We plan to come up with high quality chocolates prepared specifically for sportspersons and athletes. We’re also determined to cross the annual turnover of 100 crores in span of 5 years.”

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