Have A Sweet Tooth?- The Lil Whisk Is The Right Choice for all the Sweet-aholics!

The Lil Whisk

The first lockdown phase in 2020 during Covid -19 pandemic had not only hit economies but mental health too. The social distancing had put families & neighbourhoods in isolation. In that very year what brought beaming smiles and positivity amongst people was a Mumbai based startup business called “The Lil Whisk”. This startup is run by a budding entrepreneur team of mother-daughters. Shilpa Khurana along with her daughters Disha & Reeth Khurana started this home bakery business on 15th June 2020.

The Lil Whisk

The Plethora of Cake assortments & Their Unique Product Offerings

The Lil Whisk

Their tagline – “Whisking your Blues away” is the right note to drive away the low spirits caused during the pandemic period. Their offering is not only confined to the regular cakes with beautiful decorations but their launches have lip-smacking flavors of bento (lunchbox) cakes, aesthetic cakes, cupcake bouquet, monogram cakes etc. Their curated gift hampers, festive special cakes like the Teen patti platter during Diwali, occasion specialties like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, all have theme based aesthetic motifs, frostings and pastels to adorn the cakes.

Their uniqueness lies in lunchbox cakes which are on the lines of Korean bento cakes and very few bakery shelves in India currently cater to this need. The idea was not to waste cakes as celebrations were confined to a very small family size during pandemic. People sent these cute lunchbox cakes to their quarantined acquaintances to wish them good health and smiles.

Business Ideation and Growth Trajectory

The Lil Whisk

Talking about the idea to launch the business, Disha says “I was a dessert junkie since I was a kid. During the lockdown, I used to crave eating cakes and hence we started trying a new recipe each day. We used to send the desserts we baked to some for our close family and friends. In just a few days, we started receiving such promising & encouraging responses from everyone, that we decided to start our own business.”

Initially, they started marketing their business on Instagram and in no time the orders started surging in and The Lil Whisk grew into a high scale business. Now they offer abundant varieties spanning from 200 gm lunchbox cakes to 7-10 kgs wedding cakes. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Being a home run business, the initial investment wasn’t much, however since the business has been growing at a fast pace with more and more personalized orders, they have made more investments to be able to cater to the growing demand for their delicious cakes.

Lil Whisk’s Long-Term Vision & Outlook

The Lil Whisk

Presently The Lil Whisk delivers in Mumbai, but a few years down the line they hold a strong vision to open cake studios across different cities of India. They envision to become a globally recognized bakery with all cake curations and not just a home bakery confined to Mumbai

Instagram link :- https://www.instagram.com/thelilwhisk/

whatsapp link :- wa.me/message/J5CKFTZ3IV2RH1

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