Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products: This All Herbal Brand Gives Glowing Skin, Naturally

Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products

Today, the whole world is turning organic. You can find everything organic: from fruits, veggies, milk, food containers, cookware to organic mattresses and clothing. The increased popularity of the organic trend is a direct consequence of the rising global awareness of the negative health and environmental impacts of conventional, chemical-loaded products. Going organic is not just following the trend, though. It shows that we care about our future and the future of our planet.

If we are paying that much attention to what we eat and what products we use in our homes, it is only natural that we start being picky about what we put on our skin. An average person smothers approximately ten different skincare products on their skin daily. Since the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it acts as a sponge, absorbing 80% of everything that we apply to it. Tapping into this growing market is Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products.

Founded in 2016 by Bindu, this all natural 100% herbal skincare product brand has more than 45 products in its repertoire. Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the brand uses products found in nature for its formulas. No preservatives, chemicals or parabens have been added thus making them completely organic. The founder, Bindu is a meticulous woman who has done her due diligence in studying the properties of each element and the best combinations to create products suitable for Indian skin.

Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products: Clean Beauty

Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products

39 year old Bindu was suffering from pigmentation and dark circles. She tried various over the counter creams and lotions but to no avail. She also consulted various skin specialists and dermatologists, however her dark circles persisted. It was then that her friend told her about a woman who was conducting classes in Mumbai for natural remedies for skin concerns. She would train Bindu on how to use organic products to create lotions for pigmentation, dark circles, fairness creams and so on.

Under her tutelage, Bindu was able to create her own orange flavored face oil that helped with her dark circles in just two weeks! This inspired her to further understand the world of Ayurveda and how elements found in nature could be used as an effective skincare solution. With a capital of Rs 20,000 Bindu began Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products.

As she went deeper into her research, Bindu tried her hand at haircare as well. She addressed concerns such as hair fall and dandruff which showed some amazing results.

“I learnt the art of hair oil making from my husband Rajesh Krishnan. It was he who taught me the basics of Traditional Ayurvedic hair oil making. Later, I went on to learn more about oil making and completed certification courses by many Ayurvedic Doctors.” Says Bindu.

All their products are strictly following Ayurveda. The hair oil is made according to Ksheerapaka Vidhi of ancient Ayurveda. With both her products being well received, Bindu decided that it was time for her to expand her range and delve into complete skincare. All the products are MSME, ISO and GMP Certified.

She is a strong believer in research and continues to learn more and more about various natural elements and their effect on the skin. Using the power of social media she promotes her products on various platforms and also sells her product through their channels. She has received several orders from all over India and foreign countries as well.

Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products: One Woman Wonder

Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products

As her brand continues to grow so does the scale of operations. Krishna’s Organic Herbal Products began from a small space in her home, but now it is a large space of almost 700 sq ft. the space is both a manufacturing centre as well as a home office. She currently employs two women who help her with cleaning purposes only. Managing the manufacturing, assembly, packaging and delivery aspect of the business, Bindu is a one man, rather woman show.

“I am still conducting research and doing more in-depth study of the Cosmetic Industry. I hope with the blessings of Krishna I can create more natural skin safe products for my customers.” adds Bindu.

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