VyomFit: An online fitness training venture that aims to inculcate fitness as a habit by making it accessible to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

“If you don’t take time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness.” ~ Robin Sharma

In order to stay fit and healthy, one has to make certain changes in his/her life which would require challenging oneself and coming out of the comfort zone. Many give up before they begin while many quit halfway through. While getting yourself motivated to hit the gym isn’t easy, with the right kind of training and motivation, it is possible. Launched on 19th January 2021 by an ex-IITian and CrossFit trainer Nitheesh Ballal, VyomFit is an online fitness training venture that aims to develop fitness as a habit by making it accessible to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. It offers an end to end training experience right from goal setting to executing the needed step to achieving the goal.

And the journey towards fitness and well-being began

Nitheesh’s journey towards health and fitness began quite early in life. As someone who had been a State-Level Volleyball Player, U-14 Carrom Champion, Mr. Inter IIT, Fittest in Pune, he was already creating ripples with his outstanding achievements.

Then, in his final year at IIT Kharagpur, he started helping people transform themselves and achieve their fitness goals. While working in the corporate sector, he established his fitness startup named Transformations Elite. Nitheesh further elaborates “During that stint I got introduced to CrossFit and 6 months down the line I had my certification and 3 more months down the line, I quit my job and we started CrossFit Vyom, a physical CrossFit Affiliate in Pune.”

After the initial hiccups, when things became stable, COVID happened. He explains “We had to shut down our centre and I was left to do nothing. My restless mind started exploring opportunities to provide online fitness offerings.”

Soon a website was set up and live fitness classes began through ZOOM. The positive response from the clients acted as an encouragement. That is how VyomFIT was born.

VyomFIT : For a fitter, healthier and happier you

A crisis has given birth to the startup but it’s the courage of the founder that’s keeping it going. VyomFIT is committed to its goal of making people aware about the virtues of fitness. Besides online group classes, one can avail personal training, fitness consultation, workout apparels and equipment just at the click of a button. Unlike other gyms, the coach: athlete ratio of 1:15 is the highest here. Since all services are Live, one can interact with passionate and motivating trainers over video conferencing.

Most of the clients are from India but it also serves clients from UAE, Finland, Canada, USA, Australia, UK. Employees of Coditas, CIPLA, Cybage, OYO, American Express, Western Union, VEGA are some of its clients.

Preparing for the future

VyomFIT is looking forward to penetrating into all the TIER 1 cities within this year. In the next 5 years it aims to be the First Choice for Fitness in India. The startup recently started its Habit Reset Program which is being greatly appreciated by users now 350 and counting. The program majorly focuses on correcting small habits in your day to day life to see large differences in your Health & Fitness at the end of 4 weeks.

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