WordBerries: Here’s a startup that’s making an impact with its sharp focus on developing impactful and incisive content that captures the brand essence

If there’s anything that propels the growth and development of a brand, it is content. Today, owing to a shorter attention span, most people skip ads and directly dive into content that educates, entertains and inspires. Moreover, nothing can diminish the impact of words – simple, thoughtful, well-crafted words that best describe a brand’s purpose. Quite a few startups in India are already making their presence felt in the content arena.

Like ‘a home bakery in the world of pastry chains’

Launched on 8th November 2018 by friends turned business partners Avanti Ubhayakar & Divya Palekar, WordBerries is a small yet nimble venture that aims to create fresh, simplified and on-time content for start-ups and established brands by building a tribe of creators, one word at a time. Nurtured with love, it infuses a humane touch into content to bridge the gap between what the brand actually is and how it is perceived by its consumers.

Diving into the exciting new world of entrepreneurship

Avanti Ubhayakar – WordBerries Founder

Like all memorable journeys, this one began unplanned. Back in 2014, when Avanti was employed in a full-time corporate job, an opportunity knocked on the door. For the first time, it gave her a glimpse of life behind the scenes for content creation and she loved it. A gem of an idea was born.

Then onwards, Avanti started taking up freelance content writing assignments along with her day job. She also started blogging motherhood experiences.

Corporate life did offer comfort and security, however, someone was amiss. Though unsure about the monetary possibilities of content writing, the idea was fascinating enough for Avanti to give it a serious thought. In April 2018, she finally took the plunge into the exciting new world of content creation.

After years in the corporate sector, Divya too was looking for a change. As someone who eats, sleeps and lives amidst words, Divya understood the need for quality content. One rainy June night in 2018, Avanti and Divya got chatting on Facebook. Soon one chat led to countless conversations where they discovered how their IQs and EQs complement each other to the T. Their association gradually molded Avanti’s love for creativity and business with Divya’s love for words, to create what we today know as, WordBerries.

Understanding client challenges  

When it comes to resolving issues through unconventional approach, WordBerries is far ahead of the curve. It’s a rarity to stumble upon a company that’s as emotionally invested in creating content for their clients. Also, sustaining digital assets month after month without compromising on their awesomeness and consistent tonality is extremely difficult. WordBerries has addressed these two crucial pain-points with great elan. A de-jargonized, transparent and well-researched content requires courage and patience – two qualities that WordBerries stands for. Since the bright minds at WordBerries understand and appreciate the timeless stories associated with each organisation, besides creating, they also thoughtfully curate existing content and retell these stories.

Have you been “Wordberried” yet?

At WordBerries, content is king. They primarily work on content that has a narrative and is engaging. The narrative includes articles, blogs, mailers, website content, regional content and video scripts, engaging content comprises newsletters and building presence on Quora. .  They also provide event – related content , interview write-ups and content production services.

The startup is a melting pot of talented writers, designers and animators working together to create content which is heartfelt, easy-to-consume and optimised to load efficiently. In fact, for a more personalized experience, it provides content in regional languages such as Hindi and Marathi.

The value of discipline and time management is deeply ingrained within each team member, thus making sure no deadline is ever missed. As they say “We give it our all or nothing at all.”

Following a ground-up approach, Team WordBerries talks to stakeholders and customers, studies competitors and finally develops effective and tailor-made strategies for clients.

Also, the team follows basic hygiene as religion which ensures correct grammar, spell-checks, zero plagiarism, constant feedback, brand tonality compliance, regulatory checks and research.

The startup serves clients in India and abroad. It is associated with reputable brands across diverse fields such as BFSI (Nippon India Mutual Fund, ET Money, HDFC Securities Ltd, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund , TATA AIG General Insurance , HDFC Ergo General Insurance) Real Estate (Emaar India and Provident Housing), Manufacturing (Asian Paints)and Travel (Rover Atlas).

WordBerries: Roadmap for the future

Divya Palekar – WordBerries Founder

WordBerries intends to create a wider clan of creators known for infallible quality and unscrupulous timeliness. It’s determined to become one of the world’s most preferred content partners helping brands realize their true potential and grow.

Content is much more than just a means to achieve targets and tick boxes.The startup spares no effort to emphasize the difference between a well-researched, carefully worded, humane piece of write-up and one that just has a few words put together. The WordBerries team believes “As content creators, time is our asset, and time is what we charge for”. Here, the endeavor is to get the quality of content its due and contribute towards restoring the cost imbalance by sticking to its values and mission.

With 15 agency partners, 33 brands and 200+ orders from November 2018 till date, WordBerries has already crafted a success story and will continue winning hearts going forward.

To know more visit –

Website: https://wordberries.in/

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/wordberries/?viewAsMember=true

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WordBerries-2277728808968925

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