Vriksham: This Jewellery Brand Should Be On Your Radar Right Now

It is no secret that women love jewellery. Be it a necklace, pair of earrings, bangles or rings, jewellery plays an integral role in every woman’s life. It instantly adds a touch of glamour to your look and can make even the drabbest outfit look special. Jewellery is a key component of Indian bridal trousseau as brides are seen decked with all kinds of jewellery on their big day. So is it any surprise then that India is home to a host of jewellery brands that offer a plethora of options for women to choose from?

One such brand is Vaishnavi’s jewellery brand called Vriksham. Vriksham is an end-to-end bridal boutique, satisfying all the needs of a bride for her special day. The brand has had quite a journey since its inception in 2017, but now sells beautiful copper and brass jewellery with silver and gold polishing.

Dreaming Big


So how exactly did the brand come into existence? In 2017, Vaishnavi was working in a corporate job in Chennai when she was bitten by the creative bug.

“I longed to give a physical manifestation to my creativity, but could not put my finger on what exactly I wanted to pursue. Because I had some extra time, I thought of creating a jewellery page on Instagram. But after doing this I hardly posted anything as I still did not have the products ready. I used my savings and took help from my family and started curating jewellery,” explains the founder.

It was a one man show as Vaishnavi had to start from scratch. She had no backing as her father had also passed away. She soon began creating artificial jewellery pieces in Chennai and pursued it as a part time business. But soon she got married and her husband had to move to Mumbai for his work. Vaishnavi was forced to relocate her entire business setup to Mumbai. It was a hectic and tedious task, but it eventually paid off.


“I realized that with all my new responsibilities and the shift to Mumbai along with motherhood was too taxing for me. So, I decided to quit my corporate job and pursue Vriksham full time. I live in a joint family of 6 members and each of them try to help me out in their own way. My in-laws look after operations and I handle the rest,” explains Vaishnavi.

Consorting With Celebrities


Her brand has gained immense popularity since the last 5 years and has also had a few celebrity clients in her kitty. Tollywood artists like Nisha Ganesh, D.D, Sridevi Ashok are all dedicated clients of Vriksham and have helped Vaishnavi gain traction in her business. She has successfully fulfilled more than 30k orders and hopes to expand even further. The Covid pandemic proved to be a boon for her business as she saw a 60% increase in sales.

The brand currently undertakes orders through its website but Vaishnavi dreams of opening her own bridal boutique someday so that she can adorn brides with her creations on their special day.


Website link – https://vrikshamindia.com/

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/vriksham/

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