Vamsi Eco: A brand that strives to create awareness about sustainable living through its eco-friendly, daily-use products available at pocket-friendly prices

Vamsi Eco

Taking care of the environment is the duty and responsibility of every human being inhabiting Earth. We’ve got only one planet to call home and we cannot afford to watch it getting perished owing to our greed and callousness. Our lifestyle and activities have a huge impact on the environment and global natural resources. One potent way of ushering in change is by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle that focuses on sustainable products.

Launched in February 2019 by the prolific first-time entrepreneur brother-sister duo Tuhina Agarwal and Anurag Banerjee, Vamsi Eco is a promising startup that offers eco-friendly goods/sustainable daily use products at most affordable prices. It believes “Simple changes that people can make in their lifestyle.” can go a long way in building a cleaner, greener world around us.

Taking the first step towards healing Mother Nature

Tuhina always avoided plastic bags while shopping but it took sometime before she got actively involved in environmental issues. Her cousin introduced her to the concept of sustainable living. Chided for using a plastic toothbrush, she changed her ways and began using a bamboo toothbrush gifted by her cousin. She then realized there was no point in using plastic when more sustainable and eco-friendlier alternatives were available. (But couldn’t find the products easily available, and what little was available was of low quality and Made in China)

Soon she conceived the idea of establishing a venture to provide sustainable daily use products. Though she had been working in her father’s company for 9 years, Tuhina wanted to do something on her own and finally when she found her calling, she decided to set up her own company. With unwavering support and encouragement from her parents and four brothers, she began her journey into the thorny world of entrepreneurship.

Vamsi Eco is a complete one woman show, with its enthusiastic founder being at the forefront of everything – be it planning, procuring or testing products or negotiating deals or selecting/shooting appropriate photographs and videos for promotions (to sales/shipping)- Tuhina handles everything single handedly.

Vamsi Eco: Because nature comes first

Vamsi Eco aims to expand the reach of its eco-friendly products in the most accessible and affordable way possible, thereby providing more options to consumers to reduce plastic from their lives and to reduce packaging to zero waste model. By promoting plastic-free, recycled products, the brand intends to contribute to the wellbeing of both the environment and human health. The startup regularly comes up with videos suggesting simple sustainable lifestyle changes.

Since Vamsi Eco wants to reach out to the masses in every nook and corner of the country, its focus is on the most basic household products. Jute bags made by local artisans are used for packaging along with paper tapes (or reusing discarded cartons). Only e-bill is used, shipping bills are made of waste paper.

Its online services are spread across India. However, it doesn’t yet have a physical presence.

Building a plastic-free future

The ultimate goal is to change people’s mindset and encourage them to become environmentally mindful so that they adopt a healthier and plastic-free lifestyle. The current focus is on launching new products and coming up with innovative eco-friendly packaging methods. Summing up her future expectations, Tuhina says “In the next 5 years I see growth in customers, people understanding sustainability is the need of the hour. And becoming a brand synonymous with it.”

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