Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas: Promoting the concept of slow fashion while establishing an undying bond with India’s rich cultural heritage

    music of loom

    Slow down and enjoy the ride – that’s the secret of a good life. When the world moves at a breakneck speed and life seems to zoom past in the blink of an eye, the only way to retain sanity and maintain a semblance of balance is by slowing down the pace of life in terms of your day-to-day habits and lifestyle. In fact, our fashion choices ought to adapt to the “go slow” mantra so that what we wear represents our authentic, unapologetic selves. Also, slow fashion encourages designing, producing, and buying garments for Quality, Longevity and Distinctiveness.

    Launched on 26th May 2020 by Jyoti Vyas, Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas is a unique venture that encourages the concept of Slow Fashion, offering products made from handwoven and hand block printed fabric. At Music of Loom, slow fashion is synonymous with thoughtful, intentional, and holistic answers for excessive production and mindless consumption. It promotes slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints and minimal waste during the manufacturing process.

    music of loom

    Here’s how the story unfolds

    music of loom

    Music of Loom founder always had an affinity towards handicrafts, especially those from Rajasthan. Though a lifestyle photographer, she worked with artists and artisans eventually creating a company called Kaladarshini. However, post marriage and pregnancy, work took a backseat for 3 years. Jyoti further adds “The idea of MOL came when I met a few artisans and weavers while on break. My urge to work with them became stronger.

    However, in the midst of planning and execution, Corona intervened. Finally, I took a leap of faith and launched my company by draping the first product, a cotton saree, myself. I also took the entire lot from artisans and also asked them to work on new designs as they had no income source during Covid.” Thus, the pandemic brought out the fighter in Jyoti. With whole-hearted support from her family, the spirited entrepreneur began her journey.

    Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas:  Go traditional, go slow

    Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas identifies the need for promoting vast and diverse craft traditions of India. It’s a perfect marriage of native craft techniques with contemporary designs creating a unique feel for each garment and artifact. MOL boosts sustainable eco-friendly methods of manufacturing. Indian traditional ways of manufacturing reduce the carbon footprint of the whole process.

    Its product range includes home décor, ladies ethnic and western wear, hand block printed and Ajarakh cushion covers. Other hand block printed items are bedsheets, curtains, table mats, table covers and cotton sarees. Also there’re Bagru print products – bedsheets, bedcovers, cushion covers, Sanganeri print products, Hand painted Chanderi sarees, natural dye sarees, handloom sarees and many more. They also offer hand-block printed natural dye saree, Ajrakh sarees in natural colors, hand-painted saree, etc. Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas also offer organic products that are designed and developed at grassroot level, using natural colors and chemical free pigments through the old and traditional way of printing dyeing.

    A promising future beckons

    music of loom

    Music Of Loom – By Jyoti Vyas works with ladies in the villages to empower them and renew the old forms of art. It has served more than 1000 clients and is planning to grow 200% this year with its redefined digital strategy. It intends to keep the momentum going for the coming years. Also, there’s a plan to start the first brick and mortar store this year in one of the metro cities as well as at international airports.

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