Twinvibes: This startup launched by twin sisters, is creating home décor that will brighten up your space

They say the best things come in pairs. So what can you expect from a pair of twins set to use their creativity to create some of the most beautiful home decor items to brighten up your living space? Any home is a reflection of its inhabitants as the space gives an insight into the mind of the owner. Home décor is the most apt way for self-expression and Twinvibes will help you do just that!


However, business was not always the preferred vocation for the then 25 year old twin sisters Srishti and Spoorthi. Hailing from Mangalore, Karnataka, the sisters were working as software engineers in a startup as Android developers when they were bitten by the creative bug. “We were given the task of decorating our office for an event. Since home décor was our hobby, we readily took up the assignment and gave it our best shot. All our colleagues loved our work and encouraged us to pursue it professionally,” says Spoorthi.

First Steps


Even after the positive feedback they received, the twins continued to work as developers but kept their creativity alive by pursuing home décor as their passion project. They continued to take orders from friends and family and even uploaded some of their products on Instagram. They received a number of orders through the social networking app and finally in 2017 with an initial investment of Rs 500 decided to begin their journey as entrepreneurs.

Twinvibes is known for its whimsical, bohemian pieces that add a touch of lightness and colour to any space. They offer an array of dreamcatchers in every colour of the rainbow and different sizes as well. Pristine macramé products find a special place in their collection as they adorn table runners, coasters and cushion covers. Macrame products also include macrame mirror and macrame handbags. Apart from this, Twinvibes also offers jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets made from coloured stones and crystals. Their bestselling product is the cluster dreamcatcher.

“We offer complete customization of our products and like to create products that speak to our clients and match them perfectly. We only use high quality materials and do not believe in compromising on quality. Seeing our clients happy gives us utmost joy and satisfaction,” says Sristhi.

Women in Business

The now 30 year old young women are staunch feminists and believe in empowering women through work and support women in business. They plan to create a full female team for Twinvibes thus helping women support themselves and their families. “Being women ourselves, we know how difficult it is for women in business in a country like India. We want to make the journey of entrepreneurship easier by helping in whatever way we can. A small step towards this is hiring female employees at Twinvibes,” shares the founder.

The brand has fulfilled more than 3k orders since its inception and benefits from repeat orders as well. During the pandemic, the brand saw an increase in orders and thus was able to expand its core products as well. It’s said “Behind every successful women is herself” and Srishti and Spoorthi have proved this one dreamcatcher at a time. The founders are planning to make it a full time business and expand it globally and be one of the top brands among the home decor and lifestyle.

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