Querated- This fashion label is all set to reign over your wardrobe with products that spell comfort, elegance and style

How you choose to “dress up” conveys a lot about you. Whether it’s the way you choose to drape a sari, the panache with which you carry a quirky handbag or the grace you display while flaunting a classic jewelry – every small detail is an extension of your creativity and aesthetic sensibility. While most brands mindlessly follow the latest fashion trends, there are a few that encourage you to constantly reinvent your style and explore what works best for you.

Launched on 18th April 2022, Querated is one such unique brand. It combines the love for art, craft and nature to come up with apparels, bags and jewelry that are truly timeless and versatile. You can find strong influences of Indian and Portuguese heritage on most of Querated’s products. The brand strives to preserve and protect such beautiful heritage and craftsmanship of India that are gradually slipping into oblivion.

Realization of a dream

With over 16 years of experience as a designer and having worked closely with a lot of retail companies, it was time for the founder to work towards fulfilling her long-cherished dream of establishing her own brand. As her husband is from investment background, there was no dearth of support and encouragement when she finally decided to launch Querated with the aim of offering better products at affordable prices to her customers. “After all, fashion belongs to all, not just to a select few” is what founder believes.

Querated: It’s all a matter of good taste

Querated epitomizes fashion that’s fun, refreshing, unconventional and economical. It has branched out into three distinct sub-brands, each of which is bound to capture your attention with its innovative designs, lovely fabrics and elegant finish. Let’s first talk about Moihno.

Magical Moihno

Moihno offers a wide range of made-to-order outfits that can be worn in the office as well as to your next vacation. For those who believe leisurewear is worn only on vacation, Moihno busts the myth with its beautiful collection of dresses, tops, crop tops, skirts, bottom wear and coordinated sets. You don’t just have to wait for holidays to wear them. So versatile are these that you can wear them to your workplace too. Kaji silk is commonly used as the chief fabric for most outfits, in sync with the brand’s mission of keeping alive India’s textile heritage. The outfits are available in varied sizes, ranging from XXS to 5XL and since they’re made-to-order, excess production is kept in check. The products can be customized as per the needs of the customer.

Charming Nui Edit

Next comes Nui Edit, bringing to you the finest of Indian weaves from diverse corners of India in the form of regal totes, clutches, mini, micro, sling bags. Preserving the beauty of Indian weaves doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the past. In fact, the bags are designed to cater to the taste of modern women. They’re trendy, durable and unique in their own ways. Nui Edit aims to “preserve and support Indian artisans and in doing so, preserve their craft that has been perfected over the centuries.”

Exquisite Boega

Lastly, there’s Boega, offering handmade jewelry crafted from precious metals by the skilled artisans of Jaipur, India. Every piece is durable, rust-resistant, non-corrosive and made in limited quantities. Be assured, these jewelry won’t harm your skin even if worn on a daily basis. On the contrary, Boega’s stunning pieces with 925 sterling silver base and a thick plating of 18 carat micron gold will surely elevate your style quotient to a greater level.

What lies ahead

The response has been pretty encouraging so far. Clients are loving everything that this Mumbai-based brand has got to offer. The products are being shipped all over the country. Owing to positive feedback from all quarters, Querated is planning to open two more brands – athleisure brand and an Indian wear brand in future and is pretty excited about the journey.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/querated.in/

Website – www.querated.in

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