TrichoGene unveils a personalized hair growth treatment that analyses DNA for accurate recommendations.

Topical Minoxidil is today the mainstay treatment for androgenetic alopecia. It is also widely recommended and used as an off-label treatment for other hair loss conditions too. But in spite of all this the exact way it works or the results of it are still not guaranteed. 


This poses a big challenge to both the patient and the Trichologist. It has been noticed that only 50 % of men and about 40% of women will respond to minoxidil. Another major drawback encountered while using minoxidil for hair fall treatment, is that patients have to wait for 6 to 9 months to see the results! Chances are they may see a change, but there are also chances that there may be no change at all! This can prove to be very disheartening.

PRESENTING TrichoGene (Minoxidil Response DNA TEST) – For all the right answers to hair growth using Minoxidil! 


Founded by Mohd Rizwan Younus and Dr. M Sai Babu, TRICHOGENE  is an enterprise whose work falls in the human genetics domain. The medical nomenclature for this stream of work is PHARMACOGENETICS, which researches and works towards understanding how based on their DNA, every individual will respond to medications differently.

Working with the DNA extracted from your saliva, helps determine whether you are predicted to have certain genetic variants (markers) that make you more or less responsive to some medications. 

This is an FDA authorized and approved process and it is the first haircare direct-to-consumer pharmaco-genomics (PGx) test. It is not only less expensive, but also a faster and surer way for consumers to gain information about their medications and the body response.

Why TrichoGene Pharmacogenetics For Minoxidil?


Minoxidil works for people with a specific enzyme SULT1A1. If someone has low SULT1A1 enzyme activity, the scalp won’t respond to Minoxidil. This is because SULT1A1 is needed to convert Minoxidil to its active form, Minoxidil Sulfate in the hair follicles to activate and regrow hair.

Innovative research from TrichoGene (brand owned by Cosmogene Skincare pvt ltd)has led to the creation of the Minoxidil Response DNA Test (MRT). This helps to analyze your saliva sample for enzyme response. One the sample is analysed the Minoxidil Response DNA Test reports if Minoxidil will be an effective treatment for you within 7-14 days. This not only saves your money but also reduces a lot of time and emotional stress.


Countries like UK, France, Australia and USA already are using this methodology and their tests can cost anything up to Rs 12k-40K. But TrichoGene provides MRT for just Rs. 5900/- making it extremely affordable and accessible to a majority of people.

The most important customer question answered! Will Minoxidil work on a completely bald scalp? 


It is very unlikely this may happen! Because once male-pattern baldness has progressed to the point of complete baldness, that suggests that your hair follicles are no longer functional and hair regrowth is not likely. Remember, minoxidil works by encouraging your hair follicle to grow—if the follicle is not functional anymore, there is not much for minoxidil to work with.

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