The Nestery: A parenting challenge gave birth to a very successful enterprise that is now helping parents shop better with context.

When the founder of The Nestery, Vaishnavi R became a parent in 2015, she realized that she actually had no clue about what to buy, where to buy from and whose recommendation she could trust. The usual Facebook groups or the WhatsApp chat groups were the only resources she could really turn to, to educate herself and learn about parenting and related things.

“When I realized that I was relying on unknown external sources to research about products that I needed for my child, I felt that need to create a space where parents can find the safest, most-hand-picked, original, parent-approved products and brands in one place along with the context of why to buy them and when to buy them.

Realizing that in addressing this pain point lay a great business opportunity, Vaishnavi quit her job at a top tier consulting firm in 2019 and started The Nestery. Aparna started out as the first employee but she has graduated to the co-founder. The third co-founder TS Viswanathan joined The Nestery full time in Jan2020.

Today, The NESTERY is out to change the shopping experience of the modern parent and is seen as a parenting platform that adds value to parents at every stage of parenting.

Matching parenting needs with the best products that are available in the market for both the child and the new parents at the right time!

The Nestery

What The Nestery does is to help simplify decision making right from pregnancy to early childhood. It caters to age groups from infants to older children too.

Says Vaishnavi, “We know that every decision you make as a parent is a result of deep research and talking to peers and experts. So we aim to do this thinking for you. We hand-pick the safest products from the best brands, and make them available to you. We write our own parenting related content that is scientifically backed up by research, so that we are able to tell you why or why not backed by research. We have built a supportive parenting community where you can connect with other parents to understand how they dealt with a situation.

What this means is that The NESTERY is a parenting platform that helps parents discover all things maternity & children’s products by adding much-needed context to the shopping experience. They do this by bringing the right selection, with the right information, at the right time during their parenting journey.

The Nestery: Looking forward to the growing years…

When asked about the future plans for The NESTERY, T. S. Viswanathan says, “We are confident of the success of our business model in the long run. We have experienced almost 50x growth in our business, since it started and have served over 100000 customers. In the next five years, we aim to be the only parenting platform of choice for every modern urban parent in India.”

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