HEIRLOOM TALES – India’s first-of-its-kind family APP for preserving your treasure trove of happy family memories, recipes and more…

    Every family in India has its own set of recipes, customs and traditions, folk tales, mythological stories that are unique to them. Most of the time, this information is passed down generations by word of mouth and are not preserved well specially with today’s fast times and nuclear families, there are chances of these family treasures being lost down the line.

    Now imagine if a family could find a convenient and modern way to store all of this in one place! Wouldn’t that just be awesome?

    This is exactly what Riddhi Mehta, the founder of the Heirloom Tales did. She quit her 15-year corporate life to start a new journey at the age of 38. 

    “When I was on a break one day, I got this idea. I brainstormed about it with friends and acquaintances and I got positive feedback. I went ahead and invested in building a tech team and after rigorous trials and testing, the APP was launched,” says Riddhi.

    Convenience & Control – Heirloom App offers everything possible to make preserving and access easy… 

    Heirloom Tales

    As one of India’s first-of-its-kind family app, Heirloom Tales has emphasized on affordable pricing and ease of usage. Any family member can subscribe to the app and everyone else in the family can access, check and share. Making it easy to share so many different family treasures and preserving the same for future generations.

    Once a user accesses the APP there are three ways of sharing –

    Text to Speech – Dictate a recipe, custom or story and it will be typed out.

    Audio Record – Press the record button and record your recipes, customs & stories.

    Gallery – Write the recipe, custom or story on a piece of paper, click a picture and upload.

    Heirloom Tales

    Easy to use and navigate | Enhanced security | Versatile uploading

    Another highlight is that it gives potential users the opportunity to try out the APP for a 30-day free trial. What more can one ask for?

    The APP that TAPS into the emotions and excitement of helping family connections grow…  

    Heirloom Tales

    “With virtual interactions, now the default settings for a lot of families, given the many ways of building communities, Heirloom Tales is perhaps a more private and close-knit way of preserving and sharing all that matters with your loved ones,” quotes Riddhi.

    There is an ambitious streak in the App that makes it aim at being the “go-to” app for families.

    Already in use across geographies in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Kenya and South Africa, the app in 3 months has more than 8000 registered customers. 

    Click-Install-Register-Build Community – this simplicity is what will enable growth. With a professional approach to building it into a trusted storehouse of memories and moments, the sweet ping of the growing number of installations across devices is eagerly anticipated.

    Brand Instagram link – https://instagram.com/heirloomtalesapp?utm_medium=copy_link

    Founder Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/riddhi_m_mehta_/?utm_medium=copy_link

    To read more Startup Stories on The Business Press, visit – https://www.thebusinesspress.in/category/startup-stories/


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