The Indus Valley – A tiny accident, and the idea of natural kitchenware got sparked…

The Indus Valley

Success stories often begin in the most unlikely of places. Imagine, what is today a multi-crore business enterprise, being born due to an unfortunate accident in a kitchen! Two elements plastic cookware and the microwave being the main instigators.

However, what came out of it was a lesson on the utmost importance of traditional cookware, which was somehow losing ground to the glitzy design and new-age material offerings.

The founders Madhumitha Udaykumar and Jagadeesh Kumar got brainstorming on this and in March 2016 The Indus Valley was born with investments of their own personal savings. The One Point Agenda – manufacture kitchen products only from natural and health-focused materials, without using any chemical coatings or plastic. The emphasis being “health-friendly kitchenware”.

“Our first order was dispatched from the small verandah of my 2BHK apartment. We were just starting out and all we had were a few cartons and a small inventory of products,” reminisces Madhumita.

Since then, with the quality, innovation and design excellence seen in every single product, the brand has received rave reviews from homemakers, professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts, food bloggers and influencers.

Applying design and science to create cookware that delights!

The Indus Valley today designs, manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of kitchenware. It has consciously chosen to use traditional materials like cast iron, iron, wood, clay, copper, brass and bronze. All materials are locally sourced and they have proven to be beneficial and add intrinsic value to food cooked in them or with them. The handcrafted range available is categorized as Cookware, Tableware and Drinkware. Clients can buy items like Kadai, Tawa, Pans, Wooden Spoons, Plates, Bowls or Trays, Copper Tumblers and more.

With its operations centralized in Chennai, The Indus Valley has invested in two critical business aspects – one is its product development and the next is building marketing muscle and reach, through its 24 x 7 online business model. Till now the company has served 10,000+ pin codes across India. What’s more impressive is that it has evolved from a modest 750 orders in 2018 to fulfilling over 2 lacs of orders till date. Truly a story of one successful milestone after another.

Ambition tempered with a practical approach is the recipe for growth

With customer satisfaction and innovation as the focus of its forward-looking plans, The Indus Valley has whipped up an ambitious recipe for growth – the milestone being – to consolidate its leadership position in the highly competitive Home and Kitchen market.

Having recently raised USD 1.1 million (₹8.25 crore) from, DSG Consumer Partners (DSGCP), Rukam Capital, and The Chennai Angels, it plans to pump this capital into extending its geographical reach, add flavor to its team plus enrich its product portfolio.

Says Jagdeesh, “With our current portfolio crossing over 230 SKUs we are focusing on scaling up to 1,000 SKUs in the next 24 months. Challenging yes, but with the growing consumer awareness and our robust online presence, we are confident of accomplishing our goal.”

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