Terosso Truffles – On a delicious mission to tease your palate by bringing all things Truffle to India.

Terosso Truffles

Truffles are high luxury food items on the menu of ultra-exclusive restaurants and food connoisseurs. Travel and food buffs, Forum & Kritaesh Kapadia who absolutely loved truffles found the COVID 19 global travel lockdown hamper this indulgence. So now what?

“Well if we could not go to eat truffles, we thought why not bring the truffles to us to eat!” says Kritaesh.

On 15th August 2020, was founded What The Truff, later branded as the Terosso Truffles. The one point agenda? Source and bring the best things truffle to India and make available the widest range of truffle products to food lovers in India.

Truffles being really expensive, demanded an initial outlay of 2-3 lakhs to start operations. Business commenced with just 1 product from a warehouse in a prime location in Mumbai, along with a kitchen on the same premises. Today, all marketing and manufacturing happens from this location.

That the business was something both founders passionately believed in, was demonstrated by Kritaesh who was accepting and sending orders to the kitchen, even as he was getting married to Forum in the Mandap!! 

Experience handcrafted truffle delights made right here in India!

Truffles don’t grow in India and are still a curiosity food. Many customers requested recommendations before trying them out, then came back saying they absolutely loved the taste. This was a positive sign since it meant truffles were entering mainstream menus, rather than staying elitist.

Says Forum,” This shift is what we want to capitalize upon. We remove travel and custom duties barriers, plus the hassle of getting it from abroad. We use truffles imported from the Italian country side and source most of our base ingredients from Europe. We are home to the widest range of truffle products which are Made in India.”

Starting with the flagship product – White Truffle Oil – it has expanded its portfolio to include Black Truffle Oil, Truffle Garlic Almonds, Truffle Herb Batter, Truffle Mustard, Truffle Honey, Truffle Truffle Mayonnaise and Tangy Garlic, a hot sauce made especially for the market.

Terosso Truffles also smartly bucked the trend of the minimum available 250ml truffle oil pack, by marketing a variant of 30ml and 100ml. For someone who has never tried truffle oil this proved an economical choice and ensured a repeat order for the brand.  

Terosso Truffles in every kitchen… on every menu… in India and abroad!

terosso truffle

Thanks to being exposed to global travel and global cuisines, India is boldly welcoming diverse cuisines into home kitchens and also commercial kitchens. Similar to how the avocado gained rapid popularity, truffles too have scaled the popularity charts.

Says Forum, “Terosso is pioneering Truffle products in India and we are really excited at the enthusiastic response we have received. It is our dream to see a Terosso jar or bottle on market shelves across India.”  

At the moment Terosso retails only in India, but South East Asia and the Middle East Asia markets are on the radar for expansion as well. Global markets will be next once the brand is established in these markets.

To know more, visit –
Website – www.terossotruffles.com
Instagram – https://instagram.com/terossotruffles?utm_medium=copy_link
Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/terossotruffles/

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