Beyond Inks: A business venture where just like art, excellence was discovered by looking beyond the obvious.

Beyond Inks

The story of Beyond Inks is very much like the proverbial “Art Imitates Life” scenario. Just like in Art where a search for a missing element leads to a new creation or discovery, Beyond Inks too was born out of a search.

The story goes like this- Gayathri and Harish software colleagues happens to be hobbyist artists and tried out a few alcohol inks from USA and found them very therapeutic and easy to use. However when they went looking for them art store after art store that they visited told them just one thing “sorry out of stock”. Exhausted and exasperated, they simply decided from that day on to make their own brand of inks in India! That is how Beyond Inks was born.

Preserving the enthusiasm in Art and the goodness in the Environment…

Since 2017, the company is a “go to” brand for artists looking for the very best alcohol inks, watercolor inks and Alcohol ink papers. Very recently they have a introduced a super versatile product called ‘Beyond MIX’ in the market that has been received by the artists with a lot of appreciation in a very short time. The best part of the product is that it is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic while making it super easy for any non-artist as well to use and create nice products.

When asked to describe the business Gayathri said, “Our startup is focused on the art market. We are unique in the sense that our product range is beyond the usual stuff available. Most importantly we are focused on making products that are safe to users and eco-friendly”

What makes Beyondinks alcohol inks so popular compared to others in the market is that they are…

🔘 Made from the safest formula possible

🔘 Completely non-carcinogenic unlike any other alcohol-based inks.

🔘 Made from plant based binders to avoid any harmful toxins.

The most recent product of theirs the ‘Beyond MIX’ that is creating a lot of buzz in the market is one of a kind casting material in the country that completely manufactured in India. It addresses the need of artists who currently rely imported brands for the same kind of product. The best part about Beyond MIX is that it is:

🔘 Super easy casting material to make quick home décor pieces.

🔘 Completely safe to use by all and is eco-friendly.

🔘 Made in India empowering local employment.

Adding our colour to the global map

There is uptick in demand from artists around the world for the Beyond Inks product range. There is a plan in place therefore, to accelerate the startup and go global, by strategically expanding the business in the coming years. This movement will run concurrent to the introduction of new products in the market and also setting up services in the UAE.

“Planning for growth and actually achieving that mix of plan and action is a big challenge. But when we see our own colours on the global map it is truly a different feeling altogether. It becomes success expressed in so many vibrant shades,” says Harish.

 The future is definitely looking like a vibrant story of Beyond Inks soon going beyond borders.

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