22 Eleven Mitikaa Gupta – The Modern Trend Setter In The Rather Traditional Cotton and Linen Industry

22 Eleven Mitikaa Gupta

The cotton textile industry is famed not just in India, but all around the globe. When we think cotton textiles, we think traditional embroidered fabrics crafted with great expertise. But a modern twist came to this famed industry with the advent of 22 Eleven Mitikaa Gupta in the market.

The weaving of an idea

Founded in September 2021 by Mitikaa Gupta, the company started when Mitikaa decided to endeavour on a modern path of vision for the already established traditional embroidered artistry in the cotton textile market. She felt that with the rush of modern life, people tend to prefer wearing fashionable clothes that are supported with immaculate comfort. She decided to bring the comfort of cotton and linen fabrics with the onset of modern designs into the market. Her target audience were people wanting to wear fancy yet comfortable clothes for social events, evening lounge wear and party wear. Later on, she went on to address the dress variety available for children by making modern cotton and linen wear for the play dates and gatherings kids attend. Her brand endorses design and comfort in a way that allows the clothes to be worn for any and every social event. Hence, people could buy very good silhouettes for themselves as well as their children. And that’s how Mitikaa came up with her Brand Name “22 Eleven”, it is her and her baby’s birth date.

22 Eleven Mitikaa Gupta: The Big Picture

After completing her designing studies from NIFT Gandhinagar, Mitikaa used to launch her collection during special occasions such as Navratri. However, the demand for her elegant designs from her family and friends prompted her to start the business at the age of 24.

Mitikaa’s family and friends were also supportive and pushed her to start her brand as she was always so fascinated by clothes.

The brand 22 Eleven Mitikaa Gupta was born with the aim to provide good quality silhouettes for women and kids. The initial month focused mainly on building the brand in terms of planning, promoting and preparing shoots. Receiving widespread appreciation and support from her family and friends for her fascination and talent in clothing and designing, Mitikaa took it upon herself to cross as many hurdles as possible with her sheer will and skill sets.

The brand, more of a child to her, was launched officially in October whereby she observed steady growth over the months. While focusing on shipping mostly in India at the moment, Mitikaa has delivered a few of her ornate pieces to her friends and family abroad. With a sale of over 25 orders excluding family and friends, Mitikaa aims at an expanded team with a wider range of customers all over the world in the next five years.

For the future, Mitikaa envisions her own factory and brand with her own website that is already in the process of going live soon. The demand for cotton and linen is high all over the world and her unique expertise offers a unique variety to the traditional fabric work that can win the hearts of all women in style.

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