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With the increase in global warming and other environmental factors influencing the weather around us, we are more prone to changes in weather and random sprees of rainfall throughout the year. While the advent of rain might seem welcoming and beneficial to many for the environment, unprecedented rains are mostly harmful to nature as well as to our homes.

With rainfall almost all year round, the mosquito population keeps increasing and this leads to the widespread increase in the spread of deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya. To prevent mosquito bites, most people purchase over-the-counter repellents/bats. However, with repellents, you cannot measure the effectiveness. Mosquito comes under pest control service & one needs to take these services to control the spread of such diseases. 

And for those who go for pest control services, resort to the use of chemical pesticides. However, most pesticide companies aim to work with the modus operandi being increased usage of chemicals in households. While this can be effective temporarily, this is not a permanent solution and are not effective enough to protect you and your family from deadly viruses.

First Of Its Kind Pest Control Services


HiCare 3X MMS is the first of its kind service in India that aims at resolving all your mosquito problems at home. HiCare professionals provide in-house services where they visit and inspect your house. Upon inspection, the professionals spray the walls and other breeding sights identified within the household.

Using WHO-approved chemicals, HiCare’s mosquito sprays are three times more effective, less toxic and provide relief from mosquitoes for as long as 90 days. You can keep your windows open 24X7 without any worries about mosquitos. it is important to take a year AMC for a year free of hassle. And the best part is that they offer a 30 days money-back policy, in case you are not satisfied with their services.

With their services spread across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, HiCare aims at revolutionizing the pest control industry with their WHO-approved services that reduce toxicity and increase the effectiveness in handling pests and mosquitoes in every household. 

Although mosquito control service is currently operational only in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. But their other services like cockroach control, termite control bedbug & woodborer control, bird netting, home cleaning and sanitation services are operational pan India.

HiCare: Smart Pest Control

HiCare automated dispenser machine can be fitted anywhere in the house and it helps in combatting mosquitos entering the household even with open windows. Stagnant water stored in various parts of the house provides excellent breeding sites for mosquitoes. With HiCare’s smart water services, they provide anti-larval water treatments that kill mosquito eggs and prevent further breeding in the house. With smart dispenser machines that spray chemicals in scientific intervals, HiCare’s smart home solutions protect against mosquitoes and pests in a modern and hassle-free way.

HiCare aims at providing the best customer services by incorporating free complaint services in their packages for customer grievance addressal and solutions along with money-back guarantees. To enjoy open windows the entire day without having to close them in the evening due to the mosquito scare, HiCare provides AMC plans that fit every household perfectly.

For more details, contact the HiCare team on +91 8828333888 / Visit: www.hicare.in


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