SWOOP – Laying a pitch for Web3.0 in India using the masterstroke of fantasy cricket and bitcoin.

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Fantasy Gaming in India has really come into its own. A very recent FICCI-EY report stated that the Indian fantasy sports industry is growing at a 32% CAGR and is projected to reach 2.5 billion by 2022. The fantasy gaming userbase in India has rocketed from 360 million gamers in 2020 with trends now indicating that it is expected to reach 510 million by 2022.

Add access to smartphones and fast internet to this mix and what you get is growth that will beat the speed gun!

However, these were not the only things that prompted Manish- founder of SWOOP – to launch SWOOP – the Web 3.0 Fantasy Cricket app. The rise of investments in crypto currency in India, also has a major role to play in it

Says Manish, “SWOOP has placed itself strategically at the confluence of the two hottest trends in India – Cricket and Crypto. What it does is that it onboards Indian users onto the future of Internet, because the payouts will be made in crypto.”

Playing to win with the Crypto spin….

IPL 2022 is going to be the launch pad for SWOOP.  So what exactly is SWOOP?

It is a free-to-play Crypto Fantasy Cricket App.

Like all other fantasy games, Swoop allows every gamer to pick and choose their players and act as their manager. The app will be available to all its users on both Android and iOS.

So for the upcoming IPL Season 2022 SWOOP has created a simple 3 step process to log in and play.

1. Select a Match – Choose an upcoming match to participate

2. Create Team – Use judgement to pick the right players

3. Join Contest – Choose between different contests and win money

ALL THIS FOR FREE – plus millions of INR worth of Bitcoin in prizes to give away.  

So based on the leaderboard the person who ranks first will get let’s say 20k worth of bitcoin, who comes second will get 10k worth of bitcoin – PAYOUTS will always be in the form of bitcoin.


Success is a game of multiple connections

The future is all about building creatively and deploying the power of apps intelligently.

Using the passion for the game of cricket in India as a test as well as a benchmark for all future “in-app “activities, the long term game plan is to transform SWOOP into THE Gaming App of preference for not just cricket, but also for global sports like soccer or for that matter any other sport.

There are millions of enthusiasts out there who are looking for an opportunity to play fantasy league games and win big. SWOOP aims to bring all of them into the WEB 3 version and build a long value chain of “app users.”

SWOOP also aims to transform gaming by introducing its in-game NFT collections created by its own in house artists, which will add a whole new dimension.

For more information on Swoop, please visit the project on Twitter @swoopfantasy or check out their website at

Instagram link –

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