Paint It By Sanya – Beautiful artworks to make every space resonate with its intricate design and classy finish.

It takes a special kind of mindset to turn a challenging situation into a winning proposition. When Sanya Gandhi, who was working for 4 years in HR profile got married, she suddenly had a whole basket of responsibilities to face up to and handle.

“My work load increased a lot due to which I was unable to be productive and give voice to my creative expression. That’s when I turned my mind to painting to give myself a sense of identity and also calm my restless mind,” shares Sanya.

Paint It By Sanya

With a diploma degree of 10 years in Fine Arts from Tagore Society, the initial days were full of trials and errors and Sanya herself was a bit nervous about how things would turn out. But with great support from her family and especially her husband, at the age of 27 with a tiny investment of just Rs. 1,000, she founded PAINT IT.

“I started selling on Instagram and Facebook and got orders for canvas paintings, wall murals. Friends, office colleagues and also leads from my social media handles helped me get the initial push to build confidence,” said Sanya about the early days of the venture.

When you put your Mind and Heart into a task – it turns ART into a beautiful and successful business proposition

Paint It By Sanya

Having being exposed to studying different forms of art during her course at Tagore School of Arts, Sanya however chose to focus exclusively on Indian art forms.

PAINT IT started out with wall murals and products like trays, coasters, canvas paintings, fridge magnets, mobile charger holders, passport covers and more. But during the pandemic, Sanya explored working on Wall Plates which turned out to be bestsellers. These Wall Plates are completely hand made from start to finish.

ART FOR WALLS. MADE FOR ALL. This is what PAINT IT is all about. Sanya has consciously created pieces which are affordable without compromising on the theme, finish or detail.

With Pichwai and Madhubani art form as her forte, Sanya today creates signature paintings on MDF base wall plaques and wall plates. Her themes like an Indian bride, Kamdhenu, Radha Krishna, Elephant and Peacock painting, Warli Art, Hamsa hand, Lord Krishna,Lord Shiva, Goddess, Decoupage tray and coasters set with the wooden effect hand painted on the tray all are making walls look more beautiful.

PAINT IT – When ART empowers – it transforms an enterprise into something that goes beyond simply business

Paint It By Sanya

Every entrepreneur gets into business to earn profits and also to see the business grow at a healthy pace. As a fast-growing home décor brand PAINT IT has adopted a very different approach to growth.

“As an entrepreneur, I need to build a team to work with me. I have taken a conscious step to hire women employees to be a part of my business to empower them to earn and be self-sufficient,” says Sanya. This has made a big difference to how a customer looks at the business and has generated a lot of goodwill and support for the PAINT IT brand.

Growth has been promising post the first covid wave and there is a steady flow of orders fulfilled for clients in India and across the globe.

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