Let’s bring in a dash of joy into your life with the extensive range of decor solutions offered by “Space of Joy”

Home decor is not a mindless indulgence meant for the rich and privileged. It’s, in fact, an indispensable element of mental health, happiness and overall productivity. What you surround yourself with, has a tremendous impact on your perception about yourself and your life. So that bright floral wallpaper adorning your room or that beautiful piece of art sitting pretty in one corner have incredible potential to lift your spirits without your being aware of their healing powers!

“Let’s create an environment where you can be the happiest version of yourself”

Space of Joy

It was this thought that motivated the husband-wife duo Gaurav and Neha to launch their home decor brand “Space of Joy” about six months ago. The brand is focused on creating and implementing vibrant colorful decor in homes and commercial spaces by combining latest ideas with designing capability. Its superior-quality products are in great demand in many MNCs which are waking up to the importance of the right decor for improving the quality of life of their employees and customers.

How one thing led to another and a startup was born!

Space of Joy

The journey began seven years ago when Gaurav and Neha were struggling to rebuild their house using customized solutions which were unheard of at that time. Instead of picking things off the shelves, the couple was keen to introduce personalized wall covering and wall decor into their sweet abode but failed to find such a specific kind of service. Since both of them had worked in the visual communication field for more than 12 years, the experience came in handy, especially while working with corporate clients and dealing with technical challenges. They recognized the dearth of tailor-made solutions for home decor and thus, came up with the idea of establishing their own startup to fill in this gap.

Everything you need to know about Space of Joy

Space of Joy

Space of Joy offers a broad spectrum of customized home decor solutions, including wall coverings, wall art, table accessories, decals and many more. The brand makes a conscious effort to understand the interior space and the aesthetics most suited to enrich that space with positivity and joy. With this outlook, it has come up with an entire range of textured wall papers ranging from non-woven to Fabric, Leatherette, Timber, Earthy and many more. Neha adds “We collaborate with specialized artists, acquire their paintings and make them digital while ensuring royalty is shared with the artist so that both parties can gain from this association.”

Space of Joy

Here, you’ll find several high-end luxury products at reasonable prices. The startup understands how important it is to instill young blood in today’s fashion and interior designing space. Its collaboration with design institutes allows these kids to gain exposure in the world of design and inspires them to explore their potential to the fullest. Be it abstract wall art or nature-inspired wall coverings, each product adds a distinct charm to every corner of your house. How about letting your child’s imagination run wild with delightful wall prints or infusing glamor with exquisite wall art. You can inject a splash of color to the dining area by opting for coral-inspired tablemats with sophisticated detailing or jungle-themed tropical placemats for that quirky look. Moreover, sustainable wooden mats are available for adding a touch of earthy charm to your house.

One-stop solution for your decor needs

Space of Joy

With more than 100 clients to its credit, Space of Joy aspires to be the go-to brand offering comprehensive solutions for architecture and interior designing. As Neha puts it “we want to have decor solutions for everything and everyone.” Additionally, the startup plans to serve as a platform for budding artists, encouraging them to hone their skills under proper guidance.

To know more visit – https://www.myspaceofjoy.com 

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/myspaceofjoy/

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