SLIMJIM: In a disorganised industry it takes an organized effort to succeed


The rolling paper brand in India some years ago was a very slow market. Plus, it was largely unorganized. People had to make do with counterfeit products from China which were of very low quality and offered no innovation and very little choice to suit a varied customer base. It was more of a “one size fits all” market. The attitude of the seller was take it or leave it. There were simply no Indian brands present at all.

Enter SLIMJIM- founded by two young and eager entrepreneurs Kunaal Kapoor and Nikunj Ahuja. They hit upon the idea to fill this demand supply gap with a portfolio of completely above the board range of products, which complied with every legal aspect as well as met customer expectations. Today it offers the widest selection of rolling papers, filters, pipes, bongs, 100% Nictoine Free Tobacco Substitutes and an eclectic collection of wall décor, gifts, munchies, footwear and more.

Says Kunaal, “Luckily we were the first to the Market, whether the first rolling paper brand in India or the first to launch an e-commerce portal for a variety of recreational tobacco substitute and smoking accessories. We were always the first one and people followed us. To us when people followed our business model, it meant we were definitely doing something right!”

SLIMJIM: A small idea which rolled along to grow smartly


SLIMJIM as launched almost a decade ago, with a modest seed capital of just INR 20,000/-. The business idea came during a casual discussion among friends after a game of soccer and it has now grown to be one of India’s most popular resource for those interested in tobacco substitute products. From trying to sell by going to one paan wala to the next, SLIMJIM has now evolved to even become the official distributor of several imported brands and has the mandate to handle the all-India sales for them.

Says Nikunj “Our strength is that we deliver pan India. We have a physical presence in Mumbai, and Pune and plan to expand to Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad by 2022. We deal with about 5000 customers every month and it is the sheer variety that we offer that keeps the same customers coming back to us.”

In India, the smoking accessories business is really undervalued. With the committed team that SLIMJIM has built there is great chance to capture the end consumer. The growth trajectory has been steady and with the laws that will start supporting the legal consumption of cannabis, the next 10 to 15 years promises to bring in great opportunity in markets across India.

The real challenge lies ahead… but we are prepared

During the course of growing its business the SLIMJIM team has naturally come across a lot of people who smoke tobacco habitually. What it intends to do through the SLIMJIM portal is to inform and educate this specific category. It is a long term plan to foster and nurture a culture, where instead of smoking tobacco, people consciously switch to healthier alternative like Marshmallow Leaves, Ayurvedic Herbs etc.

As a company SLIMJIM has always taken a valid anti-tobacco stand. In the long run it hopes that one day tobacco sales will be seeing a slow but steady decline and it will be replaced with a whole lot of healthier alternatives.

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