Halwa Craft: Looking for a healthy dessert option? Check out this premium handcrafted halwa brand that you can enjoy guilt free.

Halwa Craft

The perfect end to any meal is always some form of a sweet dish. In a country like India where every region boasts of a different cuisine, there are innumerable sweet dishes to choose from. Whether young or old, most people look forward to the end of a meal as it is understood that something sweet will be served.  A quintessential Indian sweet dish, halwa has been an indispensible part of any and every celebration. Whether it is a festival, wedding or any happy occasion, halwa is a constant. Made with copious amounts of ghee, dry fruits and assorted spices, it is truly an indulgence.

But what if there was a healthier, leaner and more convenient option to this delicacy? Enter Halwa Craft. A unique and delicious start up in the consumer food space, Halwa Craft seeks to reinvent the traditional halwa by retaining its sumptuous taste minus the calories.

An idea can change your life

Mumbai based founder Avinash Saraf was on the hunt for a good business opportunity when he saw his then 2 year old daughter eating homemade halwa. It was the proverbial light bulb moment when he realized that he could create a healthier option of the age old halwa, package it in on-the-go containers and distribute them as his business. After detailed market research, Avinash was ready to ditch the corporate grind and begin his journey as an entrepreneur.

Avinash conducted several rounds of trials and tastings in his home and slowly began building the idea of halwa as a consumer product rather than something that is made at home. He credits his wife and daughter for coming up with new and exciting flavours that gives his brand Halwa Craft an edge over other sweet manufacturers. Innovative flavours like Anjeer Multigrain, Coffee Walnut and Chocolate have found the perfect audience in Halwa Craft’s products in addition to the traditional flavours like Moong Dal and Almond Halwa.

Halwa Craft: Premium quality, affordable prices

What sets Halwa Craft apart from others is the ingredients used in the making of its products. Here you will find pure desi ghee, Californian Almonds and Chilean Walnuts along with half the amount of sugar as that of chocolate that make this the perfect treat while being highly nutritious. Some varieties are gluten-free as well and sugar-free versions perfectly suited for diabetics are also in the works.

Halwa Craft has really innovated on packaging by introducing 100g halwa cups which are microwaveable and can be taken while traveling as well because they don’t need refrigeration. The packaging ensures that the contents will remain fresh for 12 months and does not use any preservatives, additives or colours.

Presently Halwa Craft products can be purchased through their D2C website www.halwacraft.com as well as through Amazon and Big Basket . In Mumbai these ready-to-eat halwa cups can be purchased through 30 retail stores across the city as well as on Swiggy. Halwa Craft also has lucrative tie ups with corporates for B2B2C sales and is targeting exports in a big way. Since its inception in February 2021, Halwa Craft has served over 2500 happy clients and has managed to create good traction even during off-season summer months. Their Diwali Gift Boxes will have interesting gifting options such as branded playing cards, floating candles and others. When asked about his future plans, Avinash hopes to create more such consumer food brands under his brand umbrella in the D2C space.

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