Fuze: A unique combination of glass and copper bottles that promote healthy living


In a fast paced world like ours, stress, productivity and timelines have made healthy living a challenge. One constantly has to juggle responsibilities and is always on guard anticipating the next problem. In such a situation, health and nutrition takes a backseat and the body suffers missing out on vital nutrients that keep it healthy. A great way to decrease this imbalance is to monitor your water intake. Experts suggest that humans should consume up to 3 litres of water per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what if there was a way to elevate your regular water?

Enter: Fuze. This innovative premium quality Borosilicate Glass bottle consists of a pure and raw detachable copper filter inside to charge water providing multiple health benefits. Since the material used in the filter is raw copper, no extra coating or lacquering has been done which prevents it from any chemical contamination. No other copper bottle uses this design in its product which had led Fuze to apply for a patent for both concept and design for its glass copper bottles.

Right Place, Right Time

With vast experience of 13 years in the metal industry, 33 year old Gagan Khandelwal wanted to begin his entrepreneurial journey in the non-ferrous metals vertical. He was joined by Hemant Vadodaria who holds a MBA in Operations and B.E. Mechanical. He has worked with MNC’s in the past and brought an indispensable knowledge of product procurement, operations, purchasing, compliance and quality assurance along with him. With a combined capital of Rs 15 lakh, HG Metals & Alloys Pvt Ltd was formed initially to trade in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Products.

“Due to Covid, business went through a rough patch and that’s when we decided to explore other industries for better, relatively stable opportunities. Since Immunity based products were in demand thus we thought of creating something which can be a multi-use or daily-use product which can offer  health benefits. Consuming water stored in copper utensils is very traditional to the Indian way of life and principles of Ayurveda due to its various benefits on the overall health. For the same reason you find a lot of copper bottles in the market,” explains the founder.

Fuze: Spotting an Opportunity

Regular copper bottles are extremely difficult to clean as it oxidizes very quickly leaving a layer of copper oxide called patina. Another problem faced by users is that beverages other than water react adversely to the copper bottle as it alters that taste of the beverage. According to surveys, 95% of people were unhappy with the cleaning aspect of the copper bottles, thus creating a need for easy to clean, high quality copper bottles. “So on 13th March 2020, during peak Covid wave we conceptualized FUZE and started working on it. After a lot of R&D, investment and prototypes, finally our product was launched through both online and offline channels on 17th December 2020,” reveals Gagan.

Fuze is currently available for purchase through E-commerce portal Amazon as well as the brand’s personal website. Since this is a great way to encourage healthy living, the brand offers its products in the corporate gifting industry in the pharma segment as well. In one year of its inception, Fuze has worked with major clients such as Zydus Cadila, Cipla, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aristro Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Garware Polytechnique Ltd and many more. It has sold more than 20000 bottles and even managed to attract global attention through exports to UK, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Australia, Nepal and Malaysia.

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