Quick Invoice: This start-up provides a unique solution to simplify accounting and invoicing for a smoother business experience

Quick Invoice

Many people in India still find it difficult to cope with the advancement of technology. As the gap widens between the rising speed to technological advancement and the old school methods of keeping ledgers and maintaining their personal and business accounts, it becomes imperative to come up with a solution that bridges the gap between the surging need for a system that is easy on books and easy on the hand quite literally. Also, for most new-age entrepreneurs, invoicing is the most tedious and time-consuming activity, one that requires keeping track of your billings and transactions in a meticulous and organised manner.

Launched on 24th July 2021 by Amaan Thakur, Quick Invoice is a start-up dedicated to creating easy and time-efficient invoices so that your dream business becomes more organised and professional in no time. The services are meant to guide small-scale businesses, individuals and freelancers, thus helping them singlehandedly manage money-related matters.

Let’s get a peek into the beginning of a beautiful journey

28-year-old Amaan set up Quick Invoice armed with nothing but loads of conviction and a sum of ₹30 Lacs. Being a visionary that he was, Amaan quickly identified the necessity of simplifying the process of billings and invoicing, making them absolutely easy and fun while looking professional and presentable. This would ensure clients perform at their full potential without spending hours in sending out quotations, making invoices, managing accounts on paper or overwhelming excel sheets. Gradually he realised how Quick Invoice could help businesses with less resources handle their invoicing and accounting on their own. Thus, finally Quick Invoice was released for the public.

Quick Invoice – Your trusted partner in matters related to money

In the current market there’s a lack of a perfect solution for handling the business transactions and invoices. All the available solutions are either too vast, too complicated or too technical for common people to understand apart from being expensive. And the cheaper solutions in the market are highly limited in their functionality making the business look small timers, unprofessional and cheap which doesn’t circulate a positive image about their businesses.

Quick Invoice is an invoicing and accounting software, designed and developed with a keen focus to enable individuals, freelancers and small-scale business community to streamline and vastly simplify their process of accounting and invoicing while being cost-effective. It allows users to create GST compliant invoices, manage multiple businesses in one place, extract Sales and GST Reports and enables users to access the platform via all devices with a compatible interface. It also provides visual reports and insightful analytics which improves the decision making of our users for their business.  Its services are spread across India online. Quick Invoice is currently helping 5000+ small businesses and individuals to manage their invoicing and accounting efficiently.

Zooming into the future

The future looks all beaming and bright for the two-month-old company. It’s professional approach and customer-friendly services have already created quite a stir. Talking about future plans, Amaan says “We aim to be the best choice of invoicing and accounting solution for creators, freelancers and small businesses. We have plans to develop Quick Invoice into a complete business management system for the above-mentioned businesses. Along with that an ERP system for larger scale organisations.”

Quick Invoice Team

Quick Invoice

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