Sleepy Tots: Providing a good night’s sleep, with its range of 100% organic cotton, cotton muslin sleepwear products.

sleepy tots

Being a parent is a blessing like no other. It’s the most humbling and emotionally intense experience of one’s life. Priorities change. Perceptions change. What was important yesterday seems so trivial now. Your life revolves around the wants and needs, not of your own, but that of your child. Whether it’s the food or the toiletries or the toys or the clothes – you want to provide the best of everything.  In fact, to cater to the needs of children, the market is flooded with brands promising to offer the best of children’s apparels.

Launched in April 2021 by the talented sister duo of Megha Bagaria & Prachi Agrawal, Sleepy Tots is a brand that provides night suits with breathable fabric, promising the highest level of comfort. Kids usually sleep for 12 – 14 hours on average on any given day. They end up spending half or more than half of the day in 1 single outfit. Thus, they need to be comfortable in what they wear while sleeping. So  Sleepy Tots aims to bring in high quality, timeless pieces that are comfortable and chic. In fact, it’s one of those few brands that prioritizes a child’s comfort over everything else.

Thus began the journey with conviction and confidence

Both Prachi and Megha used to run a playgroup Eurokids for 4 years in the suburbs of Mumbai before starting this venture. Thus, they’d always been involved with children related activities. However the turning point came when the sisters realized how tough it was to find comfortable, chic and breathable nightwear for their babies. This experience had a profound influence on their minds. With support and encouragement from their family, they decided to step into the role of entrepreneurship. Hence, Sleepy Tots was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sleepy Tots : Providing a good night’s sleep to the little sweethearts

To ensure maximum comfort and safety for the sleeping angels, Sleepy Tots uses a range of fabrics consisting of 100% organic cotton, cotton muslin  for all its sleepwear options. Every design is thoughtfully engineered and has a personal story wrapped around it. The reasonable price range and excellent product quality allow most of the household to be able to provide that to their kids. Though its services are spread across India, operations are limited to Tier-1 cities given the current covid situation.

Making inroads into the future

While it’s hardly been a month since its launch, Sleepy Tots is already creating quite an impact with exceptionally positive feedback coming from customers most of whom are placing orders via social media or through personal interaction. Its founders are confident of breaking even in the first year and building a good clientele. The brand is looking forward to scaling up and capitalizing on its sources very soon.

In another five years, the company is expected to grow by leaps and bounds to eventually achieve the distinction of being a changemaker and a pioneer in the industry.  Sleeping Tots aspires to reach every household that there is and spread smiles like it always does.

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