9GRAMS: This brand aims to provide breakfast which has right combination of micro and macro nutrients.


How often has it happened that you saw product label which is full of almond pictures and text while it had less than 5% almonds. This problem is with most of the products. Products are promoted basis minor ingredients which fill up less than 10% of total content.

Focussing on this core issue and with a motto of bringing in sustainable and easy to handle diets, Noida based 9GRAMS started its journey in 2019.

Working with Athletes, Nutritionists and Naturopaths, 9GRAMS aims to provide breakfast which has right combination of micro and macro nutrients. At the same time, breakfast which is tasty and attractive enough for people to pick it everyday.

“It doesn’t matter if you go Keto, Vegan or Paleo diet, If you don’t enjoy the foods you are eating, it’s only a matter of time before you quit. We are trying to make tasty food options which are super healthy as well. We could do this using superfoods like Nuts, Seeds, Millets & wholegrains. 

We also empower consumer by giving percentage of each ingredient on the label “says Mahendra Suri, Co-founder of 9GRAMS

He also adds – “Contract manufacturing for a small bootstrapped company was not an option. At smaller scale, manufacturers don’t accept your stringent quality norms. Also, the minimum quantity size are huge which ultimately results in consumers getting old and rancid products.

Hence, we decided to start with our own manufacturing facility and train staff to ensure hygiene and quality. Today, our Noida facility manufactures 8 type nut butters, 6 types of Muesli and 5 types of protein bars”

Customers can purchase 9GRAMS products from their website 9grams.in or from amazon. Company introduced Air balloon packaging for all jar packed products to ensure safe transit of products across the country.

9GRAMS’ tagline “Superfood Snacking” and its name 9GRAMS sets the tone for internal and external stakeholders. From product developer to manufacturing staff, everybody understands that every serving should contain around 9 grams of protein and should use superfoods as key ingredients.

By end of 2021, 9GRAMS is eying 100+ SKU’s for India and launch in international markets.

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Website- 9grams.in

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