Homescape: Offering an array of imaginative and impressive gifts and lifestyle decor, all of which infuse fun, happiness and optimism in your homes

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style. ” ~ Billy Baldwin

Just as no two individuals are the same, similarly no two homes can ever be the same. Be it design or decor or ambience or simply essence, every home tells a different story. Since a home reflects the taste and style of an individual, therefore the onus is on its inhabitants to make use of their aesthetic sense and accentuate the spaces with materials, accessories and accents.

Launched on 11th August, 2020, Homescape is a popular startup founded by first-time entrepreneur Ankita Chandak. It offers an array of imaginative and impressive gifts and lifestyle decor, all of which infuse fun, happiness and optimism in your homes. HOMESCAPE aims to reward experience and value that combines functionality with high quality.

How the journey began

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Indore, Ankita did her postgraduate from Mody University , Laxmangarh , Rajasthan, after her MBA in HR and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. She always knew she was meant to create her own path instead of treading down the conventional path. In search of an exciting career, she joined as a mentor in a training and development institute for kids called THE GENIUS.

Post marriage, she shifted to Barshi, Maharashtra but wasn’t content being just a housewife looking after the family business.  She would spend days brainstorming different ideas and trying to find ways to create her own identity. Finally, her loving husband came up with the idea of converting her affinity towards fancy home decor and kids articles into something productive. Soon enough, Ankita began working with other home-decor related brands to gather sufficient experience and expertise. Later, when she realised her potential, the talented homemaker took on the role of an entrepreneur and established her own brand HOMESCAPE.

HOMESCAPE: Where art meets utility

HOMESCAPE deals in uber cute kids merchandise like stationery, pouches, bottles, sippers and some beautiful home decor merchandise which aims at adding a cherry in your presentation of artifacts or wardrobe organisation. Located in Barshi, Maharashtra, the brand endeavors to create products that would fill every room with a sense of optimism, sophistication and love. Thus, attaining something exclusively functional and of superior quality at a promising price is not a distant dream anymore. With HOMESCAPE, it is possible.

As far as clients are concerned, the startup boasts of clients across all age groups. In fact, the common public is its major client. Without being confined to a specific age category, the products are such a varied range that they appeal to all age groups from 6 years to 45 years. From kindergarten to middle aged, there is something for everyone at HOMESCAPE.

Future filled with immense possibilities

The brand has a commanding presence in both offline as well as online stores. It has served more than 150 clients across all platforms. Although currently based in Barshi, the plan is to focus on exports and display the products in some elite boutiques and stores of India.

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