Slate Palate: This start-up has created a niche for itself as an outstanding design solution provider offering unique, user-friendly designs across various platforms

slate palate

In the digital age, the realm of creativity and artistry has expanded to include web designers and graphic designers who use their sense of imagination to create alluring designs for websites, android apps and various other platforms. Contrary to popular belief, designing is one of the toughest tasks, one that requires taking care of client requirements, target audience, product portfolio and market trends.

Launched on 23rd October 2019 by Ahmedabad based Web and Graphic designer Neeja Mehta, Slate Palate is a design solution provider pertaining to the field of web application development, graphic design, software development and a wide range of other services. It’s USP lies in its mastery over both the aesthetic and technical front of web designs.

Embarking on the “start up” journey

Behind every dynamic startup is a daring founder who decided to defy conventions and chase his/her dreams. Neeja had always been fascinated about designing and creating something from scratch. After graduating in BCA from HL Institute of Computer Applications, she took a detour and learnt web and graphic designing. Armed with sufficient hands-on experience in front-end technologies, the talented software engineer began carving out her niche in responsive design, media queries and gradually became an exceptional front-end developer who could give a turnkey solution in the field of software development too.

She worked for some designing firms before deciding to do freelancing work in the same field. In fact, her portfolio is studded with successful design and delivery of numerous web design projects. Encouragement and support from family and friends motivated Neeja to start her own branding agency. Thus “Slate Palate” was established as a one stop branding solution for companies all over the globe.

Slate Palate: A rare combination of technical and aesthetic finesse

At Slate Palate, the vision is profitable growth for both the brand and its clients through exceptional customer services, superior quality, dynamic innovation and most dedicated commitment. Being technically strong and possessing a thorough understanding of the nuances of the industry, Slate Palate is able to handle the customer demands with confidence.

The startup strives to provide end-to-end solutions to customers who want to have an online presence as well as market their products which are aesthetically aligned to their values and the trend in the market.

What makes it a cut above other competitors is the fact that it tries to “talk to the clients on a personal level and understand their requirements and emotions behind the establishment for their company and try to highlight that through its designs so that it connects easily with the client as well as their customers.”

Slate Palate is into Web Designing , Graphic Designing , Branding , Social Media , E-commerce , Intro Videos , Advertising, Wedding Invites.

Future brimming with possibilities

Learning is a never-ending process and the Slate Palate team is learning and evolving with each passing day. Currently from being a team of 5, the start up is on expansion mode, opening offices in different cities across India and trying to serve as many clients as possible. Slate Palate is confident of building a great community working towards the betterment of each other as well as the company.

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