Hungry Bums: The brainchild of a homemaker-turned-entrepreneur, who aspires to help mothers choose a healthy lifestyle for their kids through its nutritious and organic venture

Hungry Bums:

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice – once for herself and once for her child.” ~ Sophia Loren

When it comes to the health and happiness of a child, nobody knows it better than a mother. Since her primary concern in life is to ensure her child’s safety and well-being, she can go to great lengths to choose what is best for her child. For mothers who are looking for healthy, nutritious, chemical-free baby foods, the search ends here. Launched on 20th July, 2018, Hungry Bums is the brainchild of homemaker-turned-entrepreneur Priyanka Goenka who aspires to help mothers choose a healthy life for their kids by providing the highest quality of food to little babies.

How motherhood gave birth to a start-up enterprise

Besides being an entrepreneur, Priyanka is a devoted mother to her beautiful daughter Vanya. The reason why Hungry Bums came up was because she didn’t want to feed her daughter anything that was not right for the tiny angel. Coming from a chemical based background she knew exactly what kind of chemicals and preservatives were used inside packaged products available in the market and she was aware of their harmful effects on children. Unshakeable in her belief, Priyanka started making everything at home from the basic cereals to biscuits to crackers. To ensure variation in taste, she tried and tested everything possible and it always worked. Her unwavering determination led to learning and educating herself about nutrition and children-friendly recipes from other sources. Finally a realisation kicked in that “yes, it is unique”.

New mothers hardly receive any proper guidance as far as children’s nutrition and food habits are concerned. Mostly they’re unaware of the fact that grains like ragi/oats etc also exist and are easily digestible by little tummies. This is when the idea of Hungry Bums occurred. It was 20th July 2018 when the brand made its first sale, right on the date when Vanya turned one. As Priyanka proudly says “Vanya is the sole reason and backbone behind this healthy and organic venture, packed with nutritious approach. My husband initiated the idea and has stood like a wall through thick and thin.”

Hungry Bums: Where healthy and yummy baby food coexist

Hungry Bums is focused on delivering superior, chemical-free food and nutrition to babies. These handmade, homemade products are delivered across India. As Priyanka rightly says ” Today every industry is competitive but in our industry with all the competition in the market, there is no other brand providing the quality of products like we do.”

The brand is concentrating on online sales the most. Having served 1000’s of customers, Hungry Bums has earned a sizeable customer base owing to its superior quality and impeccable service. The start-up maintains a database of 2000+ clients(which are only its regular WhatsApp clients). In addition to this, other online portals, websites and exhibitions have successfully garnered huge appreciation and eyeballs for the brand and they have all played a huge part in the success of this extraordinary venture.

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