HerBlend: One can never have too many cups of chai, especially if it’s from HerBlend Gourmet Tea

HerBlend Gourmet Tea

They say you’re not Indian enough if you don’t like tea. But we can vouch for HerBlend’s Gourmet Tea, it’ll change your perception. With its finest tea leaves picked from the plush tea gardens across the country, HerBlend is committed to total enjoyment and indulgence. At Herblend, they only use the finest teas, herbals and floral ingredients to meticulously craft each of their blends. They have more than 100 blends that are made by hand. Single origin teas are carefully chosen from the finest tea gardens, traditional teas are prepared with their own unique twist and artisanal blends are prepared by their experienced tea sommelier K. Kaur with ingredients sourced from across the globe.

One cup a day keeps the stress at bay

Battling various low points in her life, K. Kaur’s soul was set on fire by a cup of tea. The mere aroma of tea leaves boiling is comforting in itself. From having grown up making tea out of almost every flower and herbs they had in their garden for themselves and for people around them. At every point when she saw people replenishing her tea, a satisfactory happiness took over her. In that moment she knew there was something more to it than just setting her soul on fire. With every sip chugged she became more and more confident about her vision to introduce it to as many people as possible. She decided to launch her boutique tea company on 17th August, 2018 bringing the finest quality loose leaf tea to tea lovers. Not only do they offer loose tea but also hand rolled tea blends with 100% natural herbs directly from the kitchen and flowers from the garden. Each and every batch made here comes with utmost care and precision.

One day hope to twin with twinings

As a certified Herbalist ensuring freshly blended herbal tea for every individual order is HerBlend’s top priority. They procure Tea directly from the best tea gardens across Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiris. What sets them apart is that they are a woman oriented company and intend to empower millions of tea workers. Above everything, they hope to spread Herbal Tea culture and contribute to tea education through their travels. Having built good relations through their world travels over the years with education centres and tea communities, this has  lead to tea education programs and joint ventures. In the land of high passes, Ladakh, they would love to serve you their authentic Sia(Rose Tea) at their cozy little café..

Word-of-mouth being the most authentic and personal from of publicity the brand has grown through unsolicited brand loyalists, who have promoted the brand for its high quality loose leaf aromatic teas. They have future plans to introduce new product ranges, tea workshops and tea studios in Chandigarh and Dehradun. With their Darjeeling Tea blends having a huge presence in German and British markets, they are spreading positivity, love and aroma not only in the country but all across the world.

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