Dirums: Creating a vibrant platform to alter the canvas of Art Buying!

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The business of marketing Art presents a truly unique challenge. Art is big business, but as far as the artist and the buyer go, there is a sense of disconnect. This is because of such critical factors like artist information, genre, distance, ease of buying etc. is still in a space that can only be described as grey.

Another major deterrent that continues to impact the art market, is the fact that there still prevails a lack of transparency in the buying and selling process.

What is needed is a genuine space that would bring both the Artist and the Art Buyer together and address their unique needs, in a professional, convenient and mutually beneficial manner. Dirums Collective Pvt. Ltd. is exactly that sort of space.  

Art Marketing – A challenge to be answered with imagination!

Dirums was founded in October 2020 by Akshay Agarwal, who himself is an ardent art lover. His wide travels and his exposure to various art forms, artists and also art markets across countries, made him realize one very important and much neglected aspect – Art lovers do not have direct access to any organized art platform to meet the artist and buy directly from them.  Being an entrepreneur by nature he saw this gap as an ideal business opportunity and created what is perhaps one of India’s most trusted online Art Market – Dirums.

Having shared this idea with a professor in XLRI who spotted the great potential the idea had, also encouraged Akshay to push ahead with it.

This dynamic portal is now a virtual showcase for the established artists, as well as a whole bunch of exciting emerging talent. The art genre, the artist profile, the artwork, the concept behind the work and the price – everything is available at the click of a mouse. Imagine the ease of connecting and also the buying!   

Till now artists, especially the emerging and small rural artists in India, had a middleman who sold their work for a very high price, but did not disclose the value of the actual transaction to them. Dirums will remove the middle man and empower both, the Artist and the Art lover. By doing this it will bring about a parity in the share of the Artist’s proceeds from the sale of his artwork.

Covid19 also meant that Art lovers and Artists lost out on any possible physical, face to face connection at Art galleries and Art exhibitions.  So the timing for Dirums to be launched was actually right!

Exploring the multifaceted dimensions of Art!

Dirums has built up an enviable portfolio of artworks curated by experts. The range available includes art from diverse genres so as to appeal to a vast audience. The portal also has a section where artists can be commissioned to create hand drawn custom portraits too! All you have to do is pick what you need to make the space of your choice look even more beautiful!

Having built up a client base drawn from corporates, government institutions as well as individual art lovers, Dirums is now truly set to make a difference!

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