ILLUSIONAL MACRAME: On a mission to empower women artists and create a platform to sell their art globally.

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A textile-crafting technique that traces its history back to Arabic weavers during the 13th century, Macrame uses decorative knots to finish the loose-ends of hand-woven textiles. Till date, it continues to adorn many homes as table-clothes, bedspreads, curtains and other decorative pieces. Quite a few brands in India recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of this art.

Launched on 21st April 2021 by the gutsy software developer-turned-entrepreneur Shaikh Sana, Illusional Macrame is a startup that aims to provide eco-friendly sustainable fibre art so that an artist would not have to struggle to either start a business or keep running their existing business. It provides guidance to all artists struggling with art sales and provides a platform where products of various artists are promoted, thereby bringing sales & more engagement to their page.

Journey began with answering the call of creativity

Who would have thought that an art form learnt ages ago would serve as an inspiration for your first startup venture? That’s exactly what happened with the founder of Illusional Macrame. In the summer of 2011, she casually learnt the basics of macramé art, but then life happened.

A software developer by profession, Sana was always passionate about creating something new, either through coding or through art. Creating functional yet creative décor had been her ever-growing passion.

To gratify those creative instincts, soon after completing education, she started making different home décor products. When she learnt that no vendor provides 100% cotton macramé or other accessories, she began toying with the idea of starting a business that would extend help to all artists by providing the necessary accessories so that they don’t have to compromise with their art. After thorough research and adequate preparation, ILLUSIONAL MACRAME came into being, the brand name coined by her father. Sana attributes the success of this ambitious venture to the unconditional support and encouragement she received from her family.

Everything you need to know about ILLUSIONAL MACRAME

This is a one stop shop for pure cotton macramé cord, which is 100% eco-friendly, and all other accessories related to macramé art. The brand strives to launch new, budget-friendly products in the market, so creativity can flow effortlessly for the artist.

ILLUSIONAL MACRAME provides constant guidance to its clients regarding sales expansion. Its major clients are young girls & women who want to become independent in this society.

It prioritizes women empowerment, providing necessary resources, guidance and support to help women grow as financially independent individuals. Headed by a self-made woman entrepreneur, the startup encourages sharing learnings and building a strong community of passionate and ambitious women who can create opportunities for themselves.

All set for the future

The three-month old venture is already making heads turn with its unique concept and impeccable service. In just 50 days, it has provided services to around 120+ customers including international customers.

While talking about further plans, Sana elaborates “The future goal is to create a brand where we can provide more sustainable & eco-friendly fiber art globally. The main target of ILLUSIONAL MACRAME is to empower women artists and create a platform where all the artists can sell their art all over the world and become more financially independent.”

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