Skoodo: With 20k+ happy customers in just 2 years, this footwear brand is on a mission to provide functional and fashionable footwear for kids.


From living a carefree life full of play and abandon, most of us transition into adulthood with aches and pains and the joy of play sucked out of our lives. As parents we do everything in our power to protect our kids from these future pains and lay the foundation of a healthy and happy life. One of the key components that gets missed in this journey is their footwear. Skoodo’s mission is to educate parents about the importance of footwear in the proper growth and development of kids to have a healthy and happy life full of the joy of free play! 

After having gained prolific professional experience in the corporate world, the three co-founders Kannan M, Pooja Sardana and Parul Sarin ventured into the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship in late 2019. They identified a key gap in the footwear market and decided to capitalize on it. The founders realized that most kid’s footwear brands simply manufacture a miniature version of adult footwear. Skoodo believes in creating what is right for children’s feet. To ascertain this, Skoodo has been designed with the help of experts – podiatrists, pediatric orthopedics and sports therapists that cater to the needs of growing children. 

Shoes That Make a Difference

Since feet continue to develop until a child is 14 years old, children need shoes that facilitate high range of movement, are wide and shaped as per the foot to ensure enough space for toes to spread and grow and most importantly, allow kids feet to sense the contour of the ground so as to support arch and posture development. None of the shoes in India are currently designed to do this. 

The Founders wanted to create a product that solves these problems. Skoodos are the only shoes in India with a thin, flat and durable rubber sole that flexes fully for unrestricted movement with a firm grip. The wide fit shape with quick fix straps let’s them step get on the move without any risk of injury. All this, while making sure that their feet feel the ground comfortably during long hours of non-stop play. 

Another pain point of this industry is sizing. Since most of the sales happen online, it is important for the sizing to remain consistent. With the help of design thinking and multiple wear tests, Skoodo is able to recommend a size for customers with just a single measurement. This has created a plethora of happy consumers with just 10% exchanges and 2% return to origin. An average pair of Skoodo shoes will cost you Rs 1900. 

Skoodo: Building a Strong Footprint

The brand uses a standard D2C model and lists its product on their own website along with ecommerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, AJIO and Flipkart. Skoodo’s offline presence is visible in 6 cities in India across outlets of Iconic Kids in north and west and CENTRO in the south.  

The brand has received an overwhelming response in the two years of its inception. Having served over 20k customers pan India, they have managed to grow 8x over the last 2 years. The ongoing pandemic has been a little bit of a dampener owing to the fact that children were locked indoors for long stretches of time. However, Skoodo reports that most users come back to them for a repeat purchase within the first 7 to 90 days! 

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