Ghar se Khana: This platform is here to satisfy your cravings for delicious home-cooked meals, with wide range of dishes prepared by experienced home chefs.

Ghar se Khana

The Covid Pandemic saw many home cooks turn entrepreneurs, as they started catering to people in the lockdown with fresh Homemade meals. Sensing an appetizing opportunity Narendra- Founder and Sreekanth -CoFounder, approached home cooks who had adequate infrastructure and fit other criteria like hygiene, recipes etc.

Soon the idea took tangible shape and in May 2021 “Ghar se Khana” was launched – a first of its kind mobile platform that provides Marketing and Delivery services to Qualified and FSSAI Certified Home Chefs, Cloud Kitchens, Home Bakers. More importantly, it also provides detailed analytical support to track orders and also monitor sales and revenue tracking and forecasting.

A delicious opportunity for the chef and the gastronome!

As a reliable bridge that connects home chefs with food lovers “Ghar se Khana” has opened up new doors for home chefs to take the first step towards entrepreneurship. It has removed two major obstacles like capital investments and the inability to step out of home. What is really incredible is that a food lover can virtually order food handpicked from recipes across India. North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Bakery Items, Meals Combo, Breakfast/ Lunch Items, Fresh Drinks, Spices Powder and more. Interestingly, what has made it so popular is that it offers an enticing opportunity to food lovers to try out traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations.

What also has made the platform so popular is that customers ordering their favourite food get the freshest of meals.  Every “Ghar se Khana” chef after accepting an order cooks the food fresh. Refrigerator-stored meals are a big no-no.  Every chef registered with the platform as a practice makes sure to communicate with customers who place an order, to understand their taste and food preferences. Thus they are able to offer every customer a very authentic and delicious food experience, which meets customer expectations in terms of taste, cost and delivery time. Guided and Supervised by the “Ghar se Khana” team, every chef also has in place very strict, personal hygiene and safety standards in the kitchen.

Exciting times are ahead on the menu!

“In the next five years we are looking at scaling up and going one notch higher than the “start -up” mode we are currently in. I see us becoming a more extensive company with our chain expanding and in terms of money, more revenue and profit coming into our company.“ says Narendra – Founder.

With steady orders at the moment and seeking a more convenient way to get people to connect faster, the “Ghar se Khana” app which is under testing has reached a soon to be launched phase. Post-launch it is expecting many more sign-ups and orders to be processed.  Another plan waiting to be served is a menu to include office lunches and corporate lunches on the platform for regular customers.

Adds Sreekanth -CoFounder “Our vision for our company is growth. The Indian food market is estimated to grow at 9.8 Billion and we just hope we’re part of that.”

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