Self Love Skincare: A skincare brand that is giving us a fresh perspective on self-love

self love skincare

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” ~ Katrina Mayer

Have you noticed when you start loving yourself and taking care of yourself, everything else falls into place? Practicing self love isn’t an unnecessary indulgence. Rather it is an inclusive feeling of awareness, consciousness and self respect – often subdued in the fear of what others might think. Life starts making much more sense when you realize your self-worth.

Thriving on the strong positioning of  ‘self love’, a business designer along with his copywriter partner launched, in October 2020, a skincare brand called Self love Skincare which nourishes and heals your skin the way Mother Nature does – with tenderness and a gentle sensitivity of pure ingredients and botanicals. The brand aims to establish self love as an essential luxury where individuals value the first relationship that they have with themselves.

Self Love Skincare: How the journey began

What happens when two millennials bitten by this “clutter-breaking” bug consistently strive to find that one single moment of joy in their individual journey where they could genuinely experience a state of fulfilment? Well, they build a start-up of their own!

The copywriter-business designer duo – in other words, the co-founders – had worked for regional & national advertising agencies and followed the rigorous strategy of building brands hailing from various industries like real estate, skincare, food & beverages etc for a total of 15 years cumulatively. And thus, it was time to test the waters with their own learning for themselves.

So after successfully planning, strategizing and using a hundred marketing rituals  to build notable brands, the duo decided to co-create an outward action of self love by building something for themselves from scratch. And thus, Self love Skincare was born.

Redefining self-love for your skin

Self love Skincare – the newest 100% vegan skincare range in India – is a cruelty-free, paraben-free daily skincare brand. The brand owns the philosophy of embracing oneself without judgment and celebrating one’s natural beauty without any filter. Self love Skincare integrates self care holistically from the outside through a completely vegan way that aims to protect and nourish one’s skin while cherishing one’s real beauty on the inside.

The range includes several sought-after products such as Skin Brightening Night Cream With Aloe & Glycerin, Skin Brightening Face Wash With Green Tea & Vitamin C, Skin Hydrating Body Lotion With Aloe, Almond & Olive Oil, Skin Hydrating Face Wash With Aloe & Honey Suckle.

Currently, the products are available across online stores in Amazon & Flipkart. Of course, the brand has its own online store on its website at

Even the pandemic can’t stop you from loving yourself

One may feel guilty about indulging in self love especially with the pandemic weighing heavily on us. If anything, Covid-19 has taught us the importance of being truly happy. Self love is an essential luxury and as a brand it lies at the core of our heart to tell people that they are already beautiful in their natural way.

Brand promotion the unique way

In an endeavor to promote its philosophy, the brand has roped in the charming Ananya Sen for their first set of digital films, each of which narrates the natural goodness of each product while throwing light on the product range cleverly. Through the brand’s hashtag #InSelfLoveMode, they hope to make a social media movement through the coinage in a positive way.   

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