Grainpad: A startup that is breaking the glass ceiling in the field of medicine and healthcare

grainpad - Zini app

Technology has brought about a drastic change in every aspect of our lives. Companies are waking up to the benefits of robotics, virtual reality in the field of health and medicine. Launched on 25th May, 2017 by Dr.Rohit Sharma, GRAINPAD is a company dedicated to performing research & innovation in the fields of Genetics, Robotics, AI, Nanotechnology, Physics, Astronomy & 3D BioPrinting to invent, create or discover new solutions that can make a positive impact on human race.

Grainpad: Making of a dream

Grainpad - ZINI app

Dr. Sharma was working as a clinical practitioner and observed that a lot of people don’t have access to right medical advice. Guided by quacks and unreliable sources, many suffered detrimental health effects and financial loss. Being research and innovation oriented, he decided to take on this challenge by inventing a technology that would answer health-related queries for people 24×7 and would be as reliable and accurate as a human doctor. Thus he quit his job and set out to find a team of like-minded visionaries. Rest, as they say is, some good history in making.

Invention of ZINI

Grainpad - ZINI app

The team put their knowledge to best use, brainstormed and came up with a ‘Virtual health guide’ called ZINI. Technically speaking she is an AI-driven Chabot. Patients can talk to ZINI about their ailment and ZINI can give them a preliminary guidance. She does this by asking more questions like a human doctor, interviews the patient thoroughly and then generates an Assessment report.

This report contains information like 1. All symptoms and their details, 2. Probable diagnosis, 3. Content to read on those conditions diagnosed 4. Investigations that may be needed to further confirm the diagnosis and treatment plans 5. Nearby hospitals and labs where these cases can be handled and 6. The most suited category of specialist (e.g. Orthopedician or Neurologist) for such a case.

In addition, ZINI is trained on answering ‘General health information’ related queries using a huge database of 50+ textbooks, 500+ articles and more than 3,00,000+ QnAs found online.

Distribution of its services

Grainpad - ZINI app

The venture is focusing on B2B customers to provide them an integrable system and collect patient history in a more organized form. The clients are based in India, UAE and the United states. The company’s registered office is in New Delhi and corporate office with most of the in house operations is based in STPI Mohali.

Major private sector clients include companies like Meddo health, MotivAte fitness, Lex Alliance foundation and AnytimeDoc. Public sector clients include PGI Chandigarh and National health Mission, Punjab. 

Expanding the horizon of technology

Grainpad - ZINI app

After such a major breakthrough, the long-term plan is to make ZINI a complete ‘Virtual Physician’ who is able to handle primary healthcare on her own. If regulations allow and ZINI’s abilities are proven through rigorous evaluations, maybe in 4- 5 years, she can be made available in every village, island or spaceship as a Primary healthcare Physician who is also allowed to prescribe medicine and perform some minor procedures. As Dr. Sharma rightly said “We are into uncharted waters here, and I am sure the best is yet to come.”

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