Momomia: A startup that serves you the warmth and richness of Bhutan on a platter


Food in Bhutan is as mystique and varied as the land of Bhutan itself. People here love to eat and feed. Although Bhutanese cuisine remains relatively unexplored in India, few restaurants have begun drawing in crowds by claiming to serve “authentic” Bhutanese fare. However, most of them end up being poor replicas of the original delicacies. Launched on 10th October 2018 by a Bhutan born foodie-lawyer Avinash Singh, Momomia is a food solutions startup that “treats Mumbai with steaming plates of goodness, right from the heart of Nature’s own Bhutan”.

Chasing the Vision


What you envision is what you achieve. Momomia’s vision is to make authentic Bhutanese cuisine accessible to the urban masses. Avinash’s larger goal, however is “to give the cuisine that I have grown up savoring every day, a global identity”

 Journey towards creation of  Momomia 

Living in the fiery city of Mumbai hasn’t quite managed to weaken Avinash’s bond with his roots in Bhutan. He continues to carry the essence of Bhutan wherever he goes. It’s interesting how a practicing lawyer changed his career path and became an entrepreneur. In his own words “A 9-to-12 job at a tier-one law firm warrants that any fresh university graduate eventually molds themselves into that sort of lifestyle. Luckily or otherwise, I wasn’t one to succumb.

With a family history of being your own boss, I’d always wanted to start something where success and failure would be my own to cherish or lament over. That’s how this started. One fine morning, I quit the law firm and got going. And a special mention to my partner from Bangalore who’s come on board and has helped me propel the business forward since the past one year.” 

And so he began by revamping the model, foreseeing opportunities in adversities, innovate and improve during pandemic along with steely determination and Noble intentions was one of the key drivers to our brand “Momomia”.

Momomia’s magical delights

Momomia is an emerging startup that primarily deals in ready-to-eat Bhutanese delicacies. There are multiple franchise owners that source products from here and run successful sit-down restaurants across Mumbai. Momomia has very recently begun distributing to giant grocery chains like Reliance Fresh and Big Basket and thriving too. These sumptuous momos have been savoured in college festivals, flea markets, corporate offices all across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Momo Mia’s products bring to you the kind of taste that absolutely no one in the market offers. If you want to taste “the virgin, gourmet taste of Bhutan”, this is your destination.

Looking into the future

It’s been a dream come true for founder Avinash. Both he and his Partner have toiled hard to create a reliable brand that’s slowly grabbing eyeballs thanks to their uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality of food and service. As he says “Some days it breaks my back, being a one-man-crew is not easy. At the risk of sounding generic, Momo Mia is my baby, my pet project. The thought of that keeps me going.”

Currently the focus is on Ready to Eat Momos that they’ve been manufacturing with a goal to expand across tier 1/2/3 cities. In 5 years, Avinash dreams to see his beloved Momomia delicacies stocked up in the refrigerators of practically every household across the country and abroad.

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