Media Binding Relations: A Women-led startup advancing a modern and fresh approach towards marketing & PR initiatives

media binding relations

Marketing is the essence of any business, be it small, medium, or large-scale. Since advertising can be an expensive way of marketing products or services, public relations serve as the best alternative for establishing brand identity on various communication channels. Launched in October 2019 by Himani Sharma and Mahima Seth, Media Binding Relations is a PR & Social Media Marketing firm which aims to provide effective media visibility to startups for creating brand awareness at reasonable prices so that the money factor does not come in the way of brand promotion. The firm helps clients expand their social media handles for business expansion and building a loyal customer base.

Creating solid business-to-business PR initiatives is of utmost importance. The company constantly tracks the effectiveness of its PR strategies and makes modifications to its strategic trajectory along the way on a continual basis.

Let’s begin from the beginning

media binding relations

Every new beginning starts with an idea. In the midst of working for a reputed PR agency in Delhi, the founders, Himani and Mahima, developed the idea of starting their own PR firm. In their own words “Sometimes, working for an organization is not enough to accomplish your goals in life. To achieve big, we must take risks and start from the bottom.” Armed with the required skill-sets, experience, determination and confidence, they embarked upon the entrepreneurship role in 2019. Since then, thanks to immense hard work and unconditional family support, they’ve come a long way.

Everything you need to know about Media Binding Relations

media binding relations

Media Binding Relations is a fast-growing startup firm that strives to rise by empowering others. It’s focus is on devising discreet PR plans and implementing them to meet the objectives of the client’s organization. The business strategy involves getting under the skin of the client’s organization to understand their company’s goals. With a high-quality strategic communication program, it aspires to build credibility and visibility of a brand.

Here’s what the founders say. “We understand the pain points of small business owners who suffer financial crunch in taking their business to the next level. Unlike most PR agencies, we do not ask for hefty prices from our clients who have just started their business. With sound media relations and a creative approach, we deliver quality services at reasonable prices while ensuring complete satisfaction of our clients.”

Devising a Five Year plan

media binding relations

Within the short time span, the company has provided unique services to clients who are essentially from different domains spread across PAN India. The dedicated team turned an obstacle into an opportunity during Covid-19, thereby strengthening the startup with limited resources. The dedicated team continues to endeavor towards success with the same vigor.

Staying tuned to the ongoing trends and devising PR strategies is an essential part of growth and survival amidst cut-throat competition. In the near future, the firm aspires to bring more startups as well as established brands onboard and expand its services.

Also, in the next five years, Media Binding Relations aspires to be considered as one of the most trusted PR companies in India and every member of the team is working hard towards that goal.

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