Rise & Shine – This artist is blurring the lines between beauty and utility with resin.

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.” – L. Nevelson 

Resin On The Rise

Rise & Shine

As the demand for fancy & personalized gifts is shooting up, so is the booming trend for resin products. Resin art is experimental and versatile. It is a form of portrayal for an artist that exhibits his thoughts and emotions into a fluid materialized object. It is delicate yet durable, it is visually fragile but tangible. Resin can be glazed and painted, opening up an avenue of varied opportunities. Some of the articles that can be made using resin are traditional or non-traditional art, sculptures, three-dimensional paintings, coated acrylic paintings, home decor, wooden furniture pieces, jewellery, etc. 

The resin art form has taken a great leap in years, with its charming and lustrous products that can be moulded in any shape & ornamented to preserve the beauty of nature to create timeless memories. Though there are tremendous players selling resin products, the key to success is the innovative and customized design that a resin artist can come up with. Simple aesthetics is not enough of a differentiator to boost sales of a page. The ability to launch unique pieces also plays a part in gaining an edge. Bringing such elegant & trendy designs to all the resin admirers is a Nagpur-based startup firm called “Rise & Shine” launched in 2019. Founded by Priya, the brand offers an extensive range of resin products – photo frames, keychains, plant holders, trinket trays, coasters, bookmarks, pendants, clocks, wall hangings and many more that are further beautified with their floral preservation. 

What Makes “Rise & Shine” Outshine Others- Decoding!

Rise & Shine

quality, finish and wide variety of resin products make this brand a loved one. The brand specializes in varmala preservation to immortalize the beautiful moments of life. The success of the brand can be gauged from the bulk orders it receives especially for coaster trays and clocks in resin floral designs. From conducting workshops to displaying in exhibitions, the brand has taken a great leap and has fulfilled 900+orders since its launch. Crossing beyond boundaries, the brand has been shipped to international markets as well. It has definitely been one of the shining stars in the resin art market. 

The Business Inspiration & Growth Objectives 

Rise & Shine

Priya always had an artistic & creative side to her & post completion of her BBA and Masters’s in designing, she started her Instagram page where she showcased her paintings. Further research and interest in resin art, made her explore this segment and with a humble investment derived from her workshops, she unfolded her home-grown resin art business by the name “Rise & Shine”.  Learning from expert workshops & creating bigger resin products is on the to-do list of the brand. Besides, it wants to have a physical studio and conduct more exhibitions to connect to a larger audience.

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/riseandshine.12/

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