Meet this serial entrepreneur who has braved odds to set up three successful startup ventures!

Imagine how daunting it must be to establish a startup! It requires an incredible level of effort, dedication and risk-taking attitude to create a startup from scratch. Bringing to you an awe-inspiring story of an entrepreneur who has done it all.

This Delhi-based entrepreneur Mehir Khanna went on to establish three enterprises, each catering to a vastly different market segment with a specific target audience. On one hand, there’s Theaos, an emerging hookah brand that aims to get you hooked to unique flavors of hookah, thereby establishing itself as a prominent brand in the Indian market. On the other hand, there’s Koko Bella, offering a luxury experience with handcrafted soy aromatic candles and finally you have Azulk Design, a marketing agency that presents an umpteen number of prospects and opportunities for your dream business.

Mehir’s story of guts and glory

Mehir did his schooling from Ryan International school in Delhi and then went on to pursue journalism and mass communication. Moreover, he did a 6 months digital marketing course. Much before Mehir’s entrepreneurial dream took off, he began working with a couple of PR clubs and hotels in Delhi. This gave the amaterur 21-year-old an opportunity to learn the nitty gritty of business operations and market dynamics. Gradually, he gained enough confidence to launch his own startups that include a distinctive hookah brand Theaos, another associate company called Koko Bella that promotes pleasantly-scented, hand curated candles and other fragrance items and finally, an event management company Azulk Design that handles PR, events and catering services all over India. Being intensely passionate about networking and PR gave Mehir the impetus to start this marketing agency. The journey began from Delhi and soon spread out to other places such as Orissa, Chandigarh and Dehradun. There’s an unmatched happiness and satisfaction you feel when starting from scratch and building everything on your own. Mehir feels the same about his momentous journey so far. He’s immensely grateful to his parents for being a constant source of support and encouragement through and through.

Theaos: The Art of Smoke

Soon after it was launched in February 2020, Theaos started gaining attention owing to its unique blend of hookah flavors, diligently manufactured and packaged by a team of 20 skilled professionals. Most recently, this West-Delhi based brand has introduced caramel-flavored hookah that’s proved to be quite a hit with customers. And then you have the irresistible Theaos-special mix of seven flavors that’s turning out to be everyone’s favorite. About Theaos, Mehir says “This is the first company ever in any part of the world to have created the shisha kits which you can take anywhere you want. These kits are adorned with customized names.” In terms of catering, the kind of setup Theaos provides is starkly different from other hookah companies.

Azulk Design: Endless prospects for businesses

Azulk Design serves as an ideal platform for influencer and PR marketing. Armed with a solid PR and graphics team, Mehir has channelised his marketing acumen to come up with creative solution strategies for diverse businesses. The graphics team comes up with sophisticated brand logos to make your brand stand apart from the rest. This one-month-old venture is alrwady creating waves on Instagram and Facebook with its innovative designs and unconventional approach.

Koko Bella: Luxury Experience At Your Doorstep

Based in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, Koko Bella fragrances are truly one of a kind. Their soy scented wax candles rejuvenate your senses, creating a soothing and stress-free ambience, thereby helping you get a good night’s sleep. Customers adore the cherry sensation scented candles and coconut lime candles for their deeply calming and relaxing effect. In fact, the top-selling fragrances are Kollas, Oud Gold and Vanilla Pumpkin. These heavenly aromas create an aura of tranquility and peace around your room. About Koko Bella, Mehir adds “We’ve got our fragrances from Dubai to India. While other brands use 7 percent fragrance, we use 9 percent to enhance the effect of Koko bella aroma. Moreover, our packaging renders a luxurious appeal to the products.”


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