Resin-ate Your Love with Shradha’s Art Flair for Personalized Resin Art Gifts and Home Décor

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” -Aristotle

The Versatility of Resin Art: From Home Decor to Personalized Gifts

Resin Art is considered an unconventional art style.

The distinctive quality that makes this art so popular is its versatility. It could be used as a wall art flaunting the blue ocean waves or even on bowls or jewelry. This vivid art is also seen on coasters, bookmarks, photo frames, keychains and many more. Talking about home décor, resin art is popular to spice up the look of any interior. From furniture to tables, clocks and wall hangings, resin art can be molded to beautify and amp up the look of every corner of the house.

Epoxy resin has completely revolutionized the way that interior design is done and introduced a new and creative element where interior designers and architects are using epoxy resin art to create stunning interiors that are not only inventive but also fashionable and elegant. Along with this, personalized resin art pieces are the perfect choice for gifting to family, friends, and colleagues.

Shradha’s Art Flair Adds A New Dimension To Gifting & Home Décor Through Resin

Conventional gifting has now transformed to out –of- the- box thinking & personalized gifts; something that relives memories for a lifetime. “Art Flair” by Shradha is one stop solution to all your customized gifting needs. Launched on 7th January 2020 by Shradha Lahoti, the brand curates handmade resin products and accessories and offers an abundant range of products. Some of their best sellers are resin furniture, wall hangings, geode resin wall clocks, customized newspapers, aesthetic vintage frames in wood or kiko glass frames.

Their myriad range also showcases some other unique gifting options such as resin coasters, journals & diaries, pop sockets, mobile covers and key chains, theme- based hampers and many more.

Untethering The Creative Side

Being an interior designer by profession, Shradha always wanted to merge her artistic flair with the furniture designing part. Having attended a regional art workshop, Shradha had the inner drive to carry her passion in art and painting to a professional level.

Shradha started initially with resin cover for a friend and it turned out really good, and this led to the ideation of her business. With the support and encouragement of her family, gradually the response picked up and her resin work in interiors also gave a boost to the start-up. Through viral marketing and expanding her product mix, she started getting immense orders from customers. Their marketing efforts focuses on getting repeated orders from existing customers and distribution of free sample products to get leads and conversions.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate expression of individual freedom and empowerment, and with her business, Shradha wants to empower others to turn their passions and ideas into a business.

From a nominal investment in 2020, the brand envisions to take it to a bigger level in future. Being only present through Instagram page, the brand has fulfilled multiple orders and in near future with physical studio in place, the sales are anticipated to take an upsurge.

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