Discover India’s rich traditional art forms and heritage with The Heritage Artifacts

Indian handicrafts have always been hugely popular with art lovers from across the world. Each piece is a depiction of the country’s glorious past, manifesting the extraordinary skill and unique cultural identity of the ethnic people who make it. Owing to their amazing durability and stunning beauty, Indian handicrafts are greatly cherished as pieces of home decor, gifts, souvenirs that elevate our home’s beauty with their unmatched appeal.

Launched on February 2023 by Amit Pramanik, The Heritage Artifacts is a digital platform that aims to showcase and share the immense talent and extraordinary craftsmanship of Indian artisans with the whole world. The newly-launched venture is passionate about spreading awareness about Indian handicrafts and expanding into the global market.

When asked about the broader vision of the company, Amit explains “Our target is to make Indian handicrafts popular across the globe. Though there is a huge scope in this industry, it’s still an unorganized one, with everyone from village artisan to local seller being considered an owner here. We are attempting to create an ecosystem that would encourage our local artisans from even the remotest part of India to showcase their creations to the world. We want to source from the entire country. Be it home décor, clothes, shoes, accessories – We want to make a complete product profile of handmade items.”

Born out of love for India’s heritage and art

It was this massive love for Indian handicrafts that served as a driving force behind the creation of The Heritage Artifacts. When asked further, Amit says “Creativity and art were deeply ingrained in my mind even during my school and college days.

Being a NIFT post graduate further propelled this love as I got to see handmade products made using very basic material and very little technology.”

Amit’s full-time job restricted his dream of pursuing something meaningful in the handicrafts sector. However, when Covid happened and the world was locked down for some time, Amit got ample time to reflect and realign his life goals. He decided to quit his full-time job and return to his roots in India. Thereafter began his exploration of the handicrafts industry and that is how The Heritage Artifacts came into existence.

Home to India’s hidden treasures

The Heritage Artifacts celebrates and honors Indian heritage, crafts and traditions with its wide range of authentic, handmade artifacts, sourced from all over the country. Each of these items is a testimony to India’s astounding artistic diversity and the superior skill of our local artisans.

Most of the products are home decor items, bathroom and kitchen accessories. In another six months, the startup plans to include the handloom sector as well.

Get your hands on the beautiful kadam wood carved pen holder, traditional brass urli made by the expert craftsmen of Moradabad, charming candle and incense holder created out of soap stone or the ornate storage box with a majestic dragon carved out in walnut wood, straight from the valleys of Kashmir. Check out the authentic aluminum handicrafts, gold polished for antique finish and skillfully engraved by master artisans.

The startup is focused on providing the best of quality to its customers while ensuring fair pricing standards are practiced, that would promote the efforts of artisans and improve their quality of life. The brand follows eco-friendly practices for its products and day-to-day operations. Having served around 100 customers within a short span of its opening, the online-based startup is creating quite an impact!

Crafting a better future for local artisans

The future looks promising with its unique collection of exquisite products that are catching attention both in India and abroad. When asked about his future plans, the undaunted entrepreneur says “We intend to grow more and reach out to customers worldwide. Our focus is to bring India’s handicrafts industry to the forefront and give our artisans a strong platform in the overseas market.”

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