Rejig Your Space With The Vibrant Hues Of Banna Spray Paints

The Paradigm Shift From Traditional Paints To Aerosol Spray Paints

The pandemic had hit several industries, especially automobile and construction. During the lockdown, consumers took up DIY projects utilizing aerosol paints designed to be used on a wide range of surfaces like metals, plastic, wood, glass, and masonry. Spray paints started becoming popular every day because of their usage in enhancing the look of vehicles and home improvement. People purchased these spray paints because of their extensive coverage without brush strokes. These are much prompter than the brush primers and are appreciated for higher shelf life. The demand for paint sprayers is majorly driven by the industries such as automobile, manufacturing, construction, and marine. 

Painting Your Space With Incredible Colors Of Novelty

Banna Spray Paints, the pioneers with expertise in 2 decades of aerosol production and spray paints manufactures a complete line of industrial and automotive spray paints. Headquartered in Bangalore, the brand offers an eclectic mix of colours and provides products that suit a wide range of needs and applications. 

Their colour spray paints are known for easy usage, stupendous quality and quick drying ability. This allows users to complete projects much quicker (3-5 minutes vs 6-12 hours). Their products are also recommended for their safe attributes like zero CFC and environment-friendly nature. All their aerosol cans are made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with a polyester polymer removing the carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%. 

They also offer high-performance coating paints having effective anti-corrosive and rust preventive strength to protect many surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive contaminants. They are specifically designed for application directly to rusted or other metal surfaces to stop seasonal rusting. 

The Founder’s Journey & The Roadmap Ahead

Amogh Vishwanath, a chemical engineer from the University of Ohio and the founder of Banna Spray started the venture at the age of 25 years. Having a family-run business & catering to the automotive sector, Amogh always wanted to create a niche market in the B2C space. Be it the slightest scratch on the car or the wood polish or any home improvement requirements, the brand is always up to customise products as per client’s needs. They have developed around 1700 shades for automotive industrial use. It has a humongous customer base of 80k – 90k customers and the customer traffic on its website and appreciative testimonials greatly vouch for the massive trust and customer satisfaction. 

Presently the brand operates through physical stores and recently launched its online shop featuring hundreds of sprays for graffiti, automotive and industrial use. Their products are also accessible through Instagram & Facebook pages, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon & Flipkart. It envisions expanding its distribution channel in years to come with rising demand Pan India & globally. 


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